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Why do we get bad Yelp reviews? And why do some disappear?

Bad Yelp reviews are normally a surprise and really bad news. BUT why do you get bad reviews on social media? And why do some of these disappear?

Why Yelp Reviews Disappear
Yelp review - how to change one


How to Delete a Bad Yelp Review

Can you delete a bad Yelp review? – YES, but not always. We show you what works, and how to take care of bad Yelp reviews.


Don't Use Social Media for Customer Feedback

Relying on social media for customer feedback – either exclusively or in part is a really bad idea. We discuss why it will never work and offer up a more effective alternative.

Social Media for Customer Feedback a Bad Idea
Social Media to be used with caution


How to Turn Social Media into Great Testimonial

On its own, social media is terrible for customer feedback. But used with real-time customer feedback, it can generate great testimonials for a business.

Let’s Introduce Something Much Better
How to Manage Social Media

Without Negative Reviews

Use real-time, on location customer feedback to pre-empt negative comments ever appearing on Yelp, whilst simultaneously gathering great testimonial from happy customers. Manage negative reviews and encourage only the positive.