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Product Feedback

On package feedback for any product

On product, or on display customer feedback request.

For product research, key driver analysis.

Buyer behavior and category insights.

Used for:

  • On product feedback
  • Display / merchandising
  • Shelf talkers
  • Packaging
  • Delivery paperwork

Product Feedback

Water product feedback
Gasoline feedback on pump nozzle talker

Display and Packaging Feedback

Display and packaging feedback
Customer feedback on packaging

Feedback Content Drives the ROI

Opiniator Return on Investment

Might include:

  • New product review
  • Product attribute ranking
  • Promotional preferences
  • Pricing position vs. competition
  • Likelihood to trial or buy
  • Purchase location
  • Adjacency review
  • Flavor preferences
  • Coupon delivery
  • Delivery confirmation

Feedback is Uploaded in Real-Time and Viewed by Product and Location

Business receiving and acting on customer feedback via cell phone

Get real-time product feedback