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Product Feedback

On package feedback for any product

On product, or on display customer feedback request.

For product research, key driver analysis.

Buyer behavior and category insights.

Used for:

  • On product feedback
  • Display / merchandising
  • Shelf talkers
  • Packaging
  • Delivery paperwork

Listen Up: Why this is Important

In-store product feedback is a crucial tool for businesses seeking to enhance customer satisfaction, improve product quality, and stay competitive in today’s retail environment. By allowing consumers to provide immediate feedback on products via their cell phones, businesses can tap into valuable insights that drive innovation.This real-time feedback mechanism offers several advantages.

facebook like icon First: It captures the customer’s immediate reaction to a product, providing authentic and unfiltered opinions. Unlike post-purchase surveys, in-store feedback reflects the customer’s initial impressions. These are insightful for businesses looking to understand the factors influencing purchasing decisions. 

bullhorn icon Second: This system generates a higher response rate compared to traditional feedback methods. The convenience of using one’s own cell phone and the immediacy of the process encourage more customers to participate, resulting in a larger and more diverse pool of opinions. This means businesses identify trends, preferences, and potential issues more quickly. 

hand watch icon Third: In-store product feedback also enables businesses to address concerns promptly. If a customer encounters a problem or has a question about a product, they can report it immediately, allowing the business to resolve issues on the spot or provide additional information. This quick response capability prevents lost sales and online complaints. 

bulb icon Fourth: From a product development perspective, this feedback system provides invaluable insights for improvement and innovation. By understanding how customers interact with and perceive products in real-time, businesses can make data-driven decisions about product design, features, and packaging. This leads to more successful product launches and updates, reducing the risk of costly missteps. 

ribbon icon Fifth: implementing an in-store product feedback system demonstrates a company’s commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. This fosters brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing. 

By leveraging the ubiquity of cell phones and the immediacy of in-store experiences, companies gather crucial insights that drive success. Now read on for some examples.

Product Feedback

Water product feedback
Gasoline feedback on pump nozzle talker

Display and Packaging Feedback

Display and packaging feedback
Customer feedback on packaging

Feedback Content Drives the ROI

Opiniator Return on Investment

Might include:

  • New product review
  • Product attribute ranking
  • Promotional preferences
  • Pricing position vs. competition
  • Likelihood to trial or buy
  • Purchase location
  • Adjacency review
  • Flavor preferences
  • Coupon delivery
  • Delivery confirmation

Feedback is Uploaded in Real-Time and Viewed by Product and Location

Business receiving and acting on customer feedback via cell phone

Get real-time product feedback