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Restaurant Feedback Software & System

On Location Diner Feedback

On the spot, restaurant feedback for real customers

Helps reduce Yelp and TripAdvisor complaints.

Improves customer retention and operating standards.

Used at:

  • Restaurants
  • Bars
  • Cafeteria
  • Coffee shops
  • Food courts
  • Events
  • Attractions

Diner Feedback, Live and On Location

Restaurant dining feedback by cell phone
Diner Feedback of restaurant menu offer via Cell Phone
Diners at a restaurant
Restaurant Restroom feedback

Forget Traditional Feedback

Stop the Comment Card:

  • Too late for action
  • After the visit
  • Limited insight
  • No action tracking to close the feedback loop
  • Does not stop Yelp complaints

End the Mystery Shop:

  • Very expensive
  • From inauthentic customers
  • Spotted by staff so treated differently
  • Not representative of all customers
  • Does nothing to improve reviews

…Use Any Cell Phone Instead

Mobile Phones used for on location diner feedback
Customer defection calculator in Excel

Defection Calculator

    • Losing customers is costly
    • Traditional tools never detect unhappy customers until it is too late
    • Click on the calculator and determine how much customer defection is costing you
    • ….and then how much this improves when you have on location feedback

Requesting Feedback via Signage

On location signage.  Diner selects QR code, Web, Phone call or SMS.

English or Spanish – works on any cell phone.

In restaurant signage requesting diner feedback
Restaurant Table Talker Feedback Signs
Request for feedback in a restaurant restroom

Smart Feedback Generates More Testimonials

And on location restaurant feedback helps stop complaints getting online.

English or Spanish – works on any cell phone.

Happy Diners:

  • Get a ‘Thank You’ message requesting a testimonial in the right social media site (links included)
  • …or a link for a loyalty card
  • So the restaurant gets the feedback data
  • …And and positive review on Yelp

Unhappy Diners:

  • Get a ‘Thank You’ without the links to social media
  • Can be recovered in seconds if they request to be contacted
  • The business preempts a surprise bad review without an opportunity to fix the issue
Social Media review and feedback brands for restaurants

Get Feedback at any Point in the Diners’ Journey

Get alerted – within 15 seconds if they are not satisfied via email or text alert to the right staff .

Front of house:

  • Waiting and queuing
  • Speed of service
  • Staff courtesy
  • Menu knowledge
  • Satisfaction level

Back of house:

  • Food quality 
  • Cleanliness
  • Maintenance
  • Cleanliness of the facility
  • Restroom conditions

There are many components that make up the experience that a diner has at a restaurant, bar, coffee shop, food court or similar business that can profoundly impact their online reviews and ultimate customer retention. 

A restaurant’s food quality, the speediness of its service and the cleanliness of the facility can all make a difference. Furthermore, when the right feedback system is in place, owners of such businesses will be able to gain timely insights into what their patrons genuinely think. 

Opiniator is a powerful restaurant feedback software for gathering such feedback, which restaurants and similar food and drink businesses can use to optimize the offer that they provide and take back control of restaurant feedback.. 

Improve the restaurant feedback system

Close the feedback loop and stop negative Yelp reviews

Take back control of restaurant feedback