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Auto Car Dealer Feedback

for any Dealership or Repair Shop

On location, customer feedback on the sales floor or repair shop.

Improves customer satisfaction and helps boost CSI scores.

Increases loyalty and Yelp scores.

Used at:

  • Auto dealers
  • Auto repair shops
  • Tire shops
  • Windscreen repair
  • Lube change
  • Body shops
  • Auto detailer

Existing Car Customer Feedback Programs Are NOT Working

Approximately 21% of an auto dealer’s customer database defects annually – largely because of poor service. This means that the dealer needs to replace all customers within 5 years.

ONE COMMAND Customer Experience Survey 2012

A Better Strategy – On the Spot Customer Feedback

Help Improve CSI Scores:

  • One spot feedback means the dealer can immediately fix the issue on sales or service 
  • And eliminate the issue
  • And connect with the customer
  • Before they impact CSI scores

And Help Get More Testimonials:

  • Happy customers (and only these!) are nudged to social media
  • So you get more testimonials
  • And no nasty online surprises before you have had a chance to fix them 
Auto dealer social media feedback review sites

Requesting Feedback via Signage – Sales or Service

On location signage.  Customer selects QR code, Web, Phone call or SMS.

English or Spanish – works on any cell phone or tablet.

Auto Dealer customer feedback request signs
Mirror hang tag request for driver feedback
Auto Dealer customer feedback poster
Auto Dealer sales customer feedback postcards

Auto dealers, repair shops and tire shops suffer from high levels of customer defection, due to service issues that were not swiftly and adequately addressed. 

Collecting auto dealership feedback from such customers with Opiniator, however, enables these businesses to improve customer satisfaction, enhance CSI scores and cultivate loyalty. Ratings can be gathered from customers on location, via our digital survey, with this information then being placed in an online dashboard. 

Such an on-the-spot, accurate and timely means of gathering car dealer feedback makes it easier for firms like auto dealers, body shops and auto detailers to immediately fix sales or service issues, thereby helping them to retain a higher proportion of customers.

Feedback via Tablet also Enabled

Auto Dealer customer satisfaction with a tablet

1-Click Staff Alerts – within 15 seconds

Low score, photo upload or a keyword can trigger an immediate email or text alert to the right staff .

Auto Dealer Customer Satisfaction Alert Message via Email

This means….

  • The right staff get right info in seconds 
  • So can fix the issue
  • Connect with the customer
  • Close the feedback loop with 1-click
  • For improved operating standards
  • Happier guests
  • Decreased Yelp or TripAdvisor complaints

Close the feedback loop now and take back control of your dealerships’s feedback.

Help increase CSI scores through early intervention.

No more nasty surprises on TripAdvisor, or Yelp, only positive ones.

Take Back Control of Customer Feedback