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Restroom Feedback

1-Click Feedback / Alert via Cell Phone

“94% of U.S. adults would avoid a business in the future if they encounter a dirty restroom.“

– Harris Interactive for Cintas Corp – 2017

Clean, functional, and working guest restrooms are critical for maintaining the reputation of any business.

They are a quality barometer for the brand so 1-click feedback is a must.

Why are restroom standards so bad? – Five Reasons

Main Causes….

  • Guests don’t talk to staff to complain
  • Staff don’t use checklists
  • Inspections are infrequent and always too late
  • The business has no feedback system
  • Kiosks or tablets are expensive and break down
  • ….Plus they have hygiene issues – see below
Restroom Checklists and touchscreens are ineffective for feedback

And unhygienic touchscreens are not the answer

Airport Touchscreens are unhygienic tweets

Which means you will often see this…….

A dirty toilet means customers will not return
No toilet paper means unhappy customers
A broken toilet means a health and safety issue

…Which has a REAL impact

Gross Restrooms Impact the Business

Solution – Restroom Feedback via Cell Phone

1-Click notification to staff of any restroom issue. 

Introducing a 1-Click Restroom Alert System

Asking for feedback at a restroom using signage
Restroom user feedback request via on location communication – posters, mirror decals
Acting on customer feedback with Opiniator
Low scores from unhappy visitors trigger immediate SMS / Email alerts to staff

Requesting Feedback via Signage

In restroom signage prompts feedback. They choose QR code, Web, Phone call or SMS.

No app needed. It works immediately on any cell phone.

Restroom feedback signage at an airport
Restroom feedback signs on doors and mirrors
QR Code Feedback sign for a restrooms

Restrooms can be notorious for their poor standards of service and cleanliness, even in spite of efforts by many operators to gather on-the-spot feedback from the users of these premises. Unfortunately, the methods employed for this task – such as the installation of expensive kiosks or tablets with unhygienic touchscreens – can often simply exacerbate the problem.

This is where Opiniator can prove its worth as a restroom feedback platform. It’s a solution that enables restroom guests to use their own cell phone to notify staff of any issues, in response to posters or mirror decals requesting immediate feedback.

Rather than depending on checklists that cleaning staff often fail to use, operators can therefore have easy technology at their disposal for gathering the real thoughts of the people who actually use their restrooms, day in, day out.

As a result, they can benefit from more specific and timely feedback that allows them to swiftly remedy problems and consistently uphold high standards of restroom maintenance.

Staff Also Use Opiniator for Inspections

No more checklists – No more excuses

  • Inspections are restroom specific 
  • And staff specific
  • Delivered by their own device
  • Can include a photo
  • Are time stamped
  • And track the progress of all alerts until they are closed out
  • Means lower inspection costs and higher restroom standards
No restroom checklist needed when using the cell phone

Take back control of your restrooms