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Frequently Asked
Questions (FAQ’s)

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Communications and Signage

Who provides the signage requesting feedback?

You do…though we can help by sharing designs from other customers in all available formats – posters, table talkers, postcards and business cards.

Who provides the QR code, feedback codes and phone number?

We will provide you the phone number to use for texting as well as the QR code. This will allow you to print the communication material, and the customer to scan the code or text the feedback. Pretty cool, right?

Analysis and Data Presentation

What does the dashboard show?

Everything you will need to know is here – 24/7. We have two online dashboards. Both have drill down capability. The first displays all feedback data for all your locations, with one chart for each question. – so you will know the satisfaction levels of customers and everything else asked. The second dashboard shows how many outstanding issues exist and what has been done so far, completion time and rates. In fact everything you need for closed loop feedback.

Who gets access to the dashboard?

You determine who gets access AND what they see. For example a location manager might only see their own location data, whereas a territory manager would see all the data.

Can the dashboard be seen on a mobile phone?

Yes, all the data can be seen on any web enabled device. You have your own single sign on.

How do I track if my staff is taking action on negative feedback?

Feedback is redundant if no action is taken. So we developed a ticket management and tracking function called ‘Verify’ that allows your staff to document all actions they take to rectify an issue. You know what tasks are outstanding and who is accountable. Better still, reminders can automatically be sent until the issue is marked as resolved.

Can I export the data?

Yes. This can be done for any date and location range – and delivered immediately via CSV or PDF.

Can the data be connected to our system?

Likely yes! The devil is in the detail so we would want to discuss further.

Survey Set Up

How long to set up Opiniator?

It depends on length and complexity of survey, plus size and structure of your business. Usually, a couple of days if all the information is available. We will set the first survey up and you can amend and set up future ones. You can change the questions at any time.

Who sets the questions?

You do! But of course we can help with many example questions. Moreover this critical element is usually a collaborative process and all based on what the business wants to discover.

In addition to English, what languages can the feedback be given?

A Spanish and French language module is included so that customers preferring this option can easily give their feedback. This helps to generate higher response rates. Additional languages will be added to Opiniator.

Can I make changes to the questions?

Of course! It is easy to alter or substitute surveys, questions, staff or alerts. Make changes online, and they occur immediately. No more printing or changes to spreadsheets.

Can I make changes to the organization or staff?

Easy! Opiniator is a web based tool where you can change the staff who access the tool or receive alerts. If the business structure changes – these can also be quickly amended using drag and drop and data integrity remains.

Contract and Pricing

What is the length of contract?

There is minimum of 6 months. After this it is month to month. This means no long term contracts or commitment. If Opiniator is not delivering a return – just turn it off.

Can Opiniator be trialed in a pilot program?

Absolutely! We suggest a handful of locations for two months as an ideal method you can check it out. You will be charged BUT its a low cost, low risk way to evaluate us and the technology.

How much does Opiniator cost?

There is an initial one time set up fee and then a monthly fee per location. Fees vary by the number of locations and specific functionality. Monthly fees can be as low as $30. Contact us for more information. 

How does Opiniator deliver a return on investment?

On the spot customer feedback means the business can take action straightaway. This drives a return be helping to lower customer defection, improve HSE exposure, lower maintenance and of course, stop angry customer posting online. We have a free calculator to help a business determine the type of return.