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Retail Bank Feedback

for any Bank or Credit Union

On location, customer feedback for a bank or credit union.

Improves customer satisfaction and operating standards.

Replaces Comment Cards and Online surveys

Used at:

  • Banks
  • Credit unions
  • Money transfer locations
  • Check cashing locations
  • Other retail financial services

Existing Customer Feedback Programs Are NOT Working

No More Comment Cards, Mystery Shopping or Email Surveys

If existing customer frustrations are not addressed, the top ten US retail banks are projected to lose over $16 billion of revenue in the next 12 months: In particular, this number projects over 10% of all their retail customers will defect.

The primary cause of defection is poor service.

CG42 Consulting: June 2018

A Better Strategy – On the Spot Customer Feedback

Help Improve Satisfaction Scores:

  • One spot customer means the staff can immediately fix the issue  
  • And eliminate the problem
  • And connect with the customer
  • While they are at the location
  • Before they defect

And Help Get More Testimonials:

  • Happy customers (and only these!) are nudged to social media
  • So you get more testimonials
  • And no nasty online surprises before you have had a chance to fix them 
Banking social media sites

Requesting Bank Feedback via on Location Signage

Customer selects QR code, Web, Phone call or SMS. English or Spanish


Customer feedback request signs in a bank
Bank signs requesting feedback from customers

Banks, credit unions, money transfer locations, check cashing locations and other financial services simply can’t afford to disappoint their customers. They need a straightforward and quick way of gathering feedback from these customers, so that they can respond quickly to fix any issues and minimize customer defection.  Bank feedback is critical to combatting current defection levels.

Thankfully, Opiniator exists as a 21st-century alternative to comment cards, mystery shopping or email surveys. This platform collects customer feedback and places it in an online dashboard, so helping retail banks improve their operating standards and customer satisfaction. 

Feedback can be requested via on-location signage, where the customer can choose between QR code, web, phone call or SMS for sharing their thoughts and ratings of the experience.

Feedback via Tablet also Enabled

Bank customer feedback by tablet

1-Click Staff Alerts – within 15 seconds

Low score, photo upload or a keyword can trigger an immediate email or text alert to the right staff .

Staff alert for a bank from poor customer feedback

This means….

  • The right staff get right info in seconds 
  • So can fix the issue
  • Connect with the customer
  • For improved operating standards
  • Happier customers
  • Decreased online complaints

Real-time Uploads to Private Dashboard

View Analysis and Leaderboard by Location or Cluster.

Bank Customer Feedback Dashboard

“Poor Customer Experience Costs Financial Institutions $10 Billion Per Year”

Ferergo Research.

Mark Murphy

CEO, Fenergo Research Dec 2019

Take Back Control of Retail Bank Customer Feedback