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Guest Messaging by SMS on Their Cell Phone

Guest Chat via text messaging is effective, universal and convenient for the guest.

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Guest messaging as part of a survey, or as a standalone communication platform – has FOUR main benefits:

1) Improved Satisfaction Through Engagement

Engage customers on their terms at any point in their entire guest journey.

3) Lower Costs and HSE Exposure

Get notified and fix the issue before cost escalates.

2) On the Spot Problem Resolution

Quickly identify and recover from poor service experiences.

4) Guest Issue Tracking Until Closure

All guest feedback, chat and solution in one place until closure.

What is Opiniator Guest Messaging?

Why is SMS Chat Effective?

Chat message via SMS examples

1) It is the Fastest Way to Reach Someone

2) People Actually Read Their Text Messages

3) They Are Read More Quickly

4) For many – it is their Preferred Channel

5) Not a messaging app – no downloads needed

How Does Guest Chat Work?


ASK: On-Location Signs

Signs request feedback and / or chat


ANSWER: Chat Request

User requests chat with the business.


ALERT: Staff Notified

Staff get an email or SMS alert – chat starts


CHAT: On Location in Real-Time

Chat with customer via SMS in real-time.


AUDIT: Closed Loop Tool

Chat issues tracked until close out.

What Does the Guest See?

Chat Signage Example

The Guest View

The guest chats – on location and in real-time with a real person.

The guest phone number is never shown to staff.

Both parties can now communicate directly. The chat transcription is retained.

With a personalized guest experience.

The guest is heard, thanked, and the session closed out.

Guest engagement means positive reviews are more likely.

What Does the Business See?

Business View of Guest Chat Screen

The Business View

Staff now chat directly with the unhappy guest using the Opiniator platform.

This means your teams can answer any question, fix any issue and deliver a response.

And avoid hearing about a problem in online reviews.

Guest requests are never forgotten and always actioned.

Management can review conversation history and task management.

Guest satisfaction improves through conversation.

Opiniator delivers a guest messaging hub – no new technologies needed.

Chat, plus SMS messaging for customer feedback included

Real-time insight, friendly interface, intuitive features.


Via a personalized guest experience.


By taking action immediately.


Identify the issue before impacting others.


A flow of guest suggestions and ideas


Who know they have been heard.

Contactless Communication with Real-Time Chat