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Why Yelp Reviews Disappear

As a business owner looking to grow your sales and connect with the locals, the Yelp platform is a wise way to start. Most companies get clients through positive Yelp reviews – so these reviews are vital. This is because it is the king of review sites. In fact small businesses often live or die by ratings so these comments are crucial and drive more profit than other marketing efforts. According to a BrightLocal survey: 

86% of U.S. consumers consult online reviews before selecting a local business. 

This means it is more impactful than a Google search, Facebook advertisement or other online marketing effort. Unfortunately, a negative Yelp review can be harmful to your business. Even having lower ratings is problematic. In fact only 53% of people would consider a business with less than four stars – ouch!

Great Yelp Reviews Can Disappear

Perhaps even worse, is that you can have your positive Yelp review deleted. The review could have been active in winning more clients for you, but then it disappears mysteriously.

So why do Yelp reviews disappear? Where can you go to search for them?

Reasons Why Your Yelp Review Can Go Missing

Why Yelp reviews disappear is often because of one of three main reasons.

  1. The author that wrote the review could delete it due to their own reasons (unlikely!).
  2. If the review goes against the Yelp’s set guidelines, it is a breach of the platform’s Terms of Service. It acts as a concrete reason to have your Yelp review removed by the Yelp’s User Operations staff. Having your Yelp review removed due to the violation of terms does not happen regularly. The review gets removed permanently only when the community flags it. Unfortunately, those in the community may include your competitors who can do anything to bring you down. a 1 star review by them is commonplace.
  3. Sometimes Yelp can just filter your review as “Not Recommended.” In such a situation, you can still find your Yelp review, but it won’t show up in your business reviews section. To determine whether to review filter, Yelp usually runs algorithms to analyze the content, the author’s profile, the date written, and the author’s history. The results determine whether to display or not.

After Yelp filters your review not to display, you may wonder where it goes. Yelp usually hides any review it suspects to be fraudulent or goes against its community’s opinion behind a link located at the page’s bottom. When you click on that link, you will find numerous reviews. You can view them on the provided path that connects to the business.

With Your Yelp Review Removed, Can You Retrieve It?

Unfortunately, the answer is no. There is not much you can do with your Yelp content deleted. According to Yelp, it filters most positive reviews because;

  • Yelp does not know about most people who write such reviews, making them unpopular with the platform’s automated software. Yelp terms the process as a standard for all review types, whether negative or positive.
  • Some of the reviews usually fit in a different pattern recognized by Yelp. Their software detects such anomalies but can sometimes make a mistake. It can sometimes detect a fake review.
  • Most Yelp users write many positive reviews, which may not seem genuine.


Bad Yelp Reviews May Not Disappear

Competition is tough, and a rival may want to tarnish your brand’s reputation. It is heartbreaking, frustrating, and irritating to come across a negative Yelp review on your account. The only thing you would wish is to have that Yelp review deleted.

How to Have Your Negative Yelp Review Deleted

First, try to reach out to the person who left the negative review and request they remove it. If there was a misunderstanding, try to address this directly. If real mistakes did happen, apologize, and ask for the removal of the review. If the author realizes their mistake, request they leave a positive review to replace the negative one.

It can be a hard nut to crack if the author refuses to remove the negative review despite all your efforts. The situation gets neutralized when you try to resolve the issue before your customers, but the author remains adamant. At least they get to know the truth of the matter, and that you tried to address the issue. At times the author refuses to delete the review even though it’s incorrect. In such a case, what do you do?

What To Do When the Author Refuses to Have the Yelp Review Removed Even When It’s Incorrect

As a business owner, your  reputation is at stake, and you cannot allow an incorrect review to destroy your efforts. Go ahead and contact Yelp. You can do so on the Yelp business page. Highlight the review you want to remove by highlighting it using the ‘flag icon.’ You will get presented with options to select as to why you want the review removed. Select the reason that suits your case most, and offer supporting info when asked.. Though it’s not a guaranteed decision that the review will get removed, you may get lucky

But to avoid the hustle of removing a negative rating, you should sort out the issue when you spot someone about to give a bad appraisal. It is easy; just go through your reviewers’ opinions and identify those with low opinions or have given low ratings. Reach out to them directly, maybe on their mobile phones, and sort out the issue. Remember, a happy client is equivalent to a positive Yelp review with high ranking.


According to UC Berkeley economics, if your rating on Yelp increases by half-star, the likelihood of your restaurant’s seat filling increases by 19%. This post has detailed how you may find that beneficial, positive Yelp reviews may be removed, yet negative, harmful reviews are likely to remain 

A 5 star review is impactful. There is no other marketing effort that yields a better return. It is an indication that even the slightest positive rating has a significant positive impact on your reputation. It is, therefore, worth preventing great reviews from disappearing AND deleting those reviews that are negative. Moreover, there is more reliable, less perilous approach to both, preventing negative feedback, AND obtaining positive feedback.

Follow our guidelines and you may be able to achieve both.


A Better Approach

There is a more effective solution for businesses – that would help prevent negative feedback on Yelp so protect your online reputation and Yelp profile. It would also deliver a genuine review and wonderful testimonial on social media.

  • Enable on location, real-time feedback at your location
  • Allow negative feedback to trigger instant alerts to your staff
  • They can then fix the issue and connect with the client – before they leave

This strategy eliminates the fake review, and pre-empts negative feedback ever showing up online.

Check out the video, and say goodbye to negative reviews

Feedback Resources to Deliver a Return

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