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City of Hillsboro uses Opiniator for Parks Feedback

We are delighted that one of our newest customers is the City of Hillsboro (OR) Parks and Recreation group. As with other municipalities, they would like to collect immediate customer feedback from the users of its parks, trails, and facilities. In addition, the parks staff want to be alerted if something needs fixing. The users here are the citizens of the City who use the parks, trails, gyms, swimming pools and tennis courts for exercise and recreation.

As with many municipal agencies – they had been using comment cards. We know there are major problems with comment cards and have covered this before.

How it Works

Right now, Opiniator covers many of the parks and play areas plus a number of facilities including swimming pools and gyms. The immediate parks feedback collected is from local visitors or users of the facility and delivered while they are experiencing and using the services provided. The questions within the short survey cover visitor demographics and issues or ideas they have about the facility or park. In addition, they rate maintenance, cleanliness. and service.

The facility or park visitor is requested to give their thoughts and ratings via on-location signage – see the example below, in this case from one of the parks.

City of Hillsboro Parks Feedback

City of Hillsboro Parks Feedback

This concept has also now been rolled out to state parks. In fact, Oregon State is now using Opiniator at 8 locations. More has been written about this here.

Visitor Feedback Return on Investment

The return on investment for the agency in using this type of parks feedback is usually an amalgam of several factors:

  • Reduction in maintenance cost – as the visitor provides an early warning of issues
  • Elimination of existing feedback costs – no more spreadsheets, errors, printing, analysis or delay
  • Lower health and safety exposure – issues are picked and corrected well before they affect other visitors
  • An increase in visitor satisfaction – means greater loyalty, more visits, and more spend
  • An increase in the number of suggestions and ideas by facility users