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Why Smileys Benefit A Business

Smileys are popular – lets check out how they can gather feedback for a business.

Smiley face Zoo visitor feedback
Customer Feedback Comments Through Smiley Faces


Why Add a Smiley to an Email?

Smiley face ratings in an email signature is a great way to capture feedback.


Email Signature Survey Process

Adding the feedback request to an email is easy. Read on to find out how this is done. 

Email Feedback using Smiley Faces
Email Signature Feedback


Use the Smiley Face for Easy, Immediate Feedback

Smiley Faces in the signature are a great way to get immediate, in email feedback. Works on any email platform.

Let’s Introduce Something Much Better
Email signature survey

via the smiley face

Real-time, in-email customer feedback and survey straight from the email itself. Delivers feedback about any part of the business experience including the email content. 1-click alerts to business staff for immediate action  – to fix the issue, improve the situation and Connect with the email recipient.

Email Feedback using Smiley Faces