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Bad Yelp Reviews Removed & Handling Negative Feedback

Sep 29, 2019 | Blog, Social Media

Removing Bad Yelp Reviews & How to Handle Negative Feedback

Getting bad yelp reviews removed should be a priority for your business. There is nothing more frustrating than coming across a bad Yelp review with its unwarranted feedback, criticism or poor characterization. The business suffers a reputation impact and a financial one. The latter is huge.

UC Berkeley economists, found that, a half-star rating increase on Yelp translates into a 19 percent greater likelihood that a restaurant’s seats will be full. –  ReviewTrackers.

These can make a world of difference to your reputation, both right now and in the future. So even though having negative online reviews deleted can be arduous, it’s certainly worth trying, if you believe the review to be incorrect.

What is the simplest way to delete a Yelp review?

By responding directly to the individual who left the review, you may be able to resolve their concerns so that they decide to remove it themselves. Even better, replace it with a positive review when they have realized the error. Even if your attempt is unsuccessful and the customer won’t change their mind, there is an upside. Specifically, customers review your efforts as positive. Moreover, they know you tried to address the disgruntled customer.

What if they don’t agree to remove the review?

If you are still sure that the review is incorrect, you may wish to contact Yelp. On your Yelp business page, find the review that you wish to remove and highlight the ‘Flag’ icon below. A selection of options for your dispute appears. For instance “it contains false information”, or “posted by a competitor or ex-employee”.  Once you choose the most appropriate option, you can provide further information that supports your claim. Your request to delete the review isn’t guaranteed to be successful. However, if the reviewer has violated Yelp’s own Terms and Conditions or Content Guidelines, you may be in luck.

How to Pre-empt Negative Feedback 

Rather than the surprise of a negative online review, without an opportunity to fix it first, we know there is a better way. Opiniator enables on the spot customer feedback via their own cell phone. Low scores immediately alert the right staff who now fix the issue and connect with the unhappy customer. This means there is no reason to defect or post online. Contact us today to get the on-the-spot insight your business needs to thrive.


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