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Feedback Request 
Signage Examples

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On-Location Signage Provides the Feedback Request and Instructions

Multiple Formats  | Templates Available

A visible, clear and precise sign is the prompt for any customer to give point of experience (on-the-spot) feedback. This customer opinion request signage is a simple request by the business for customers to share the thoughts as they are experiencing the service.

The signage is placed in high traffic areas, can be inside or outside.

Signage format is dependent on space and type of offer. We have seen posters, table talkers, banners, postcards, buttons and everything in between!

In addition to the request, the signage shares the four methods the customer can choose from. Specifically, SMS, Phone call, QR code or Web site.

Opiniator accepts feedback in English, Spanish and French – so the signage is worded accordingly.

Requesting feedback signs in a retail store

Outdoor Signage Examples

Outdoor Feedback Request
Outdoor Request for Feedback in a Park
Outdoor Visitor Feedback Sign
Outdoor feedback Sign Theme Park
Outdoor Feedback Sign for a Zoo
Gas pump customer feedback sign

Indoor Signage Examples

Restaurant feedback indoor sign
Retail shopper feedback sign
Portable feedback sign
Visitor Feedback Signage
Retail Promotion Feedback Sign
Patient feedback Request Sign

We can provide signage examples, templates and even a turn-key job on the signage production. You will only need to install.

Signage material depends on the application. For example we would recommend a plastic coat or Styrene type material for restroom feedback signage.

Installation is simple – just place the signage! For the restroom signs you can simply use double sided tape to fix them to the walls or mirrors.

Don’t forget that you can add a request for feedback via the transaction process. For example, the request could be added to a delivery note, estimate or even the point of sale receipt. Please note that we do not recommend that POS feedback requests are the only method asking for feedback.

Customer Opinion Request Signage is a critical part of your feedback program as it shows your are serious about obtaining the views of your customers. Moreover it is the first step in turning on the spot ratings into business improvement.