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Comment Cards
The Ultimate Guide

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Advantages and Disadvantages

In this review we will introduce the comment card, its history, use and research. More importantly we will highlight the advantages and disadvantages of using a customer comment card program.

Comment Card advantages and disadvantages
Example of bad comment card design


Common Template Design Errors

There are many mistakes we often see in comment card design. In this section we will highlight the twelve most common – and show you how to fix them.


Comment Card Programs - A Cost Calculator

A comment card program is not real-time feedback nor as cheap as you think. As part of our comment cards ultimate guide, use our free, online calculator to show you how much it will cost.

Comment Card Program Calculator
Angry Business Woman


The 12 Big Issues with Comment Cards

With any paper comment card program there there are at least a dozen major issues that prevent effective feedback. We highlight them here.

Let’s Introduce Something Much Better
The Digital Comment Card!

Comment cards ultimate guide, has shown the paper based version is ineffective. Real-time, on location customer feedback via their cell phone. Enables immediate action by the business – to fix the issue, even connect with customer.
Actionable feedback – using a digital comment card.

Digital Comment Card Feedback Process