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Touchless Restroom
Customer Feedback

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Why Have Touchless Restroom Customer Feedback

COVID has elevated the hygiene expectations of all restroom users. This first article will review the COVID impact and the rationale for going touchless.

Touchless Sign for Customer feedback
COVID Ready Restrooms


Being COVID Ready and Touchless

We list out some of the restroom guidelines to make them ‘COVID’ ready – without the use of tablets or kiosks.


Touchless Restroom Fixtures Are NOT Enough

Touchless fixtures are a good start to tackling hygiene demands BUT not enough to provide adequate restroom standards.

Touchless Restroom Preferences
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Be Innovative - Touchless Feedback via QR Code

QR Codes are a great way to get immediate, on location feedback in a few seconds.

Let’s Introduce Something Much Better
Contactless Restroom Customer Feedback

Real-time, in-restroom customer feedback via their cell phone. No unhygienic touchscreen, kiosk or tablet. 1-click alerts to janitorial staff for immediate action by the business – to fix the issue, improve cleanliness and remove the HSE hazard.
Actionable restroom feedback – using the cell phone.

Restroom feedback signage at an airport for passenger feedback