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Customer Service Feedback

For Support teams, CSRs and Call Centers

Incoming and outgoing customer feedback via Email and Phone call.

Captures feedback at another point in the customer journey.

Helps reduce online complaints by enabling immediate action.

Used at:

  • Customer support centers
  • Call centers
  • CSR teams
  • Inside sales teams
  • Other customer support groups

1 Click Email Signature Feedback with Smiley Faces

Email Signature Feedback with Smiley Faces

Email Feedback Capture:

  • Performance, comment  and sentiment capture in 1-click
  • Easy set up with any email system
  • Full survey and analytics engine
  • Customized icons and questions
  • Staff specific data with dashboard and leaderboard
  • Staff and team analysis
  • Immediate alerts to staff for unhappy customers

Customer Feedback via Phone Transfer

Customer support or CSR feedback process

Online Dashboard Shows Staff / Group Performance

Realtime updates, interactive charts and leaderboards

Visible on any web enabled device

Customer Feedback Dashboard

Opiniator’s customer feedback software captures feedback at another point  in the customer journey in order to reduce online complaints. Facilities like customer support centers and call centers naturally need to keep their operational standards as high as possible, not least to maximize customer satisfaction. However, it might be difficult for them to accomplish this if they lack an easy-to-use and effective means of gathering feedback from their customers. 

The customer service feedback platform helps to fill this gap, by allowing CSR teams, inside sales teams and other customer support groups to capture incoming and outgoing customer survey feedback via email and phone call.  This feedback is then placed in an online dashboard that allows for the real-time review of staff and group performance, from any web-enabled device. 

As a result, customer support centers can benefit from a powerful solution for closing the feedback loop, enhancing loyalty and improving the standard of service they provide. 

AWP is a rapidly growing company. When we centralized our Support Center, some customers were apprehensive to deal with someone outside of their local vicinity. Opiniator allowed us to measure customer experience so that we not only knew how well we are doing, but also gave us the opportunity to use the metrics to reassure new customers that our staff is capable of servicing them well, no matter what proximity they are to us.

Deanna Meadows

Marketing and Business Development Manager, AWP

Get Feedback about Customer Service Provided

Alerts delivered within 15 seconds if the customer is unhappy .

Feedback Subject:

  • Staff courtesy 
  • Waiting times
  • Quality of answers given
  • Professionalism of support staff
  • Quality of service
  • Likelihood to recommend to others

Low Scores Trigger Alerts:

  • The right staff get right info in seconds 
  • So can fix the issue
  • Recover the customer
  • For improved operating standards
  • Happier customers
  • …And increased loyalty

Close the feedback loop and take back control of Customer Service feedback.

Improve loyalty and operational standards.

Use a Customer Service Feedback Platform and Take Back Control