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1-Click Email Signature Feedback Using Smileys

In-signature email feedback using Smiley Faces
Easy rating of staff and support teams using email

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Email signature feedback – has FOUR main benefits:

1) 1-Click Feedback is Super Quick & Accurate

Customers give feedback in seconds by clicking one of the smiley faces – specific to the email sender.

3) Versatile – Can be Used by Any Business Staff

CSR, sales support or marketing teams can assess their own performance using this.

2) On the Spot Problem Resolution

Feedback is immediate so the business can act, and recover from poor service experiences.

4) Closed Loop Feedback – Tracking Until Closure

All feedback, is monitored in one place until closure.

What is Email Signature Feedback?

Why is Email Signature Feedback Effective?

Email Signature Feedback

1) It is the Fastest Way to Give Feedback 

2) Flexible – Used for rating the business or sender

3) Used by anyone in the business – Especially CSR and Support Services

4) All issues – Tracked Until Completion

How Does The Program Work?


ASK: In Email Request

The signature includes a feedback request

ANSWER: via 1 Click

Customer clicks appropriate Smiley Face


ALERT: Staff Notified

Staff get an email or SMS alert for low scores

Action: Immediate fix delivered

Staff can now take action – to fix and connect

AUDIT: Closed Loop Tool

All issues tracked until close out.

What Does the Email Recipient See?

Email Feedback using Smiley Faces

The Email Recipient View

The recipient sees the feedback request in the signature..

Then clicks the smiley face corresponding to their choice (rating or preference).

The process is super quick.

And the experience is completed within a few seconds.

The recipient is heard, thanked, and the session closed out.

If the feedback is negative – more details maybe asked.

Check out the complete guide

What Does the Business See?

Customer Feedback Dashboard

The Business View

Staff can see customer feedback data using the online Opiniator platform.

Feedback is updated in real-time.

And the dashboard is interactive for more effective drill down.

Staff responses to negative feedback is also logged and tracked.

Management can review action history and task management.

So the feedback is closed loop and delivers operating improvement.

Real-time insight, friendly interface, actionable feedback.

No spreadsheets, no third party devices.



Super easy and convenient for the recipient.


By taking action immediately.



Identify the issue before impacting others.


Works on any email platform.


Cost effective and simple to execute.

Email Signature Feedback – With Smiley Faces