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Comment Card Cost Calculator

It's More Than You Think!

Customer comment cards cost way more than you think.

This calculator shows you just how much.

“What is the total cost to my business of our comment cards?”

The calculator on the right allows you to enter your own data in the orange cells. The sheet then works out what is the unit cost, and finally the total monthly cost of your comment card program. The latter is at the bottom of the sheet in the green row.

You can change the other inputs as well, but these are already accurate.

It is way more than think!


“Why so expensive?”

Comment cards are very costly. It is not their production, rather it is their processing and labor dollars that cost. The calculator breaks this down. We think our assumptions are conservative and remember they exclude the cost of delay ie. the comment card not reaching staff in time for them to salvage an unhappy customer.

There is a much better way.

Use a digital comment card instead.

The calculator likely showed you that comment card programs are more expensive that you thought. In addition to this, they are just ineffective. In fact we think there are at least a dozen reasons why businesses should be stopped immediately.

A digital comment card using the cell phone is a more effective method to capture and act on, customer feedback. Moreover, it overcomes the errors with paper comment cards and is more affordable. Check out our Ultimate Comment Card Guide.

Comment Cards for Feedback are a bad idea