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Smiley Face Touchscreen (or Kiosk) Feedback & Survey

for any Web Enabled Device or Smartphone

On location, guest feedback throughout their visit.

Via any touchscreen, tablet or kiosk.

Using Smileys, icons and a survey engine.

Used for:

  • Any out of home, non transactional feedback
  • By customers, visitors or staff
  • As standalone or supplemental to their cell phone
  • That adds convenience to the user
  • At any point in the customer journey
  • Any tablet, browser or kiosk – no app.
  • (No more smiley face survey kiosks).

Touchscreen Placement – Wall, Floor or Desk

Feedback by tablet and touchscreen
Customer feedback by tablet or touchscreen


  • Any device on any browser can be used – for maximum flexibility
  • And Hardware flexibility means more cost effective
  • And Same device can be used by customers and staff
  • Resets after each use for next customer
Smiley face Zoo visitor feedback

For maximum customer convenience and highest response rate – tablets and touchscreens should be used in conjunction with a mobile phone option.

Full Survey Engine and Closed Loop Feedback

On location indoor or outdoor placement. 

English, Spanish or French – works on any touchscreen device

Tablet Feedback Uses

This means….

  • An icon can be used for numeric questions eg. smiley faces 
  • Language selection available
  • Skip or branch logic included for greater insight
  • Alerts are triggered for low scores, keywords or other numeric operators. 
  • Only satisfied customers can be requested to give social media testimonial
  • Choice and open ended questions also available

Touchscreens and Hygiene

Airport Touchscreens unhygienic Twitter comments

In a post COVID world, with the public more hygiene aware – use caution when offering touchscreens. This is why we advocate feedback via cell phone in addition to touchscreens.

Check our blog for more detail on current studies, attitudes, and behaviors across industries.

Customer Feedback via Touchscreens, Kiosks and Tablets