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Outbound Phone Surveys

Outbound Phone Surveys – agent to customer calling, for post transaction feedback.
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Outbound phone surveys, for post transaction feedback or research – has FOUR main benefits:

1) Improved Speed of Data Collection

Phone interviews are immediate and quick to complete.

3) Phone Surveys Linked to Action

Business gets notified if the customer is unhappy.

2) Ample audience size for representative sampling

97% of all US households have a phone so audience access not an issue.

4) Personal Touch for Brand Building

A telephone interview for feedback has a personal connection and can help brand image.

Why are Outbound Phone Surveys Effective?

Outbound Survey Agents

1) It is an Effective Way to Reach the audience

2) Supplement to Point of Experience feedback

3) Convenience – Can be Scheduled

4) For many – it is their Preferred Channel

5) Multiple use occasions – a Very Flexible Tool

6) Brand building – a human touch

7) Operations Support – Dual support / feedback

How Does an Outbound Phone Survey Work?

ASK: Agent Calls Customer

Customer is called (transaction or research)

ANSWER: Customer Answers

Customer answers the agents questions

ALERT: Staff Notified

Staff get an email or SMS alert if low scores

ACTION: Business Response

Business connects with Customer

AUDIT: Closed Loop Tool

All issues tracked until close out

What Are the Use Cases?

Post Event or Transaction

A pest control technician completes the service, and the homeowner is called within 2 hours by a live agent to answer survey questions relating to that technician and that specific visit. The answers are entered into Opiniator and viewed online via a private dashboard. Email or SMS alerts are automatically sent to local staff in seconds if the customer is unhappy.

Accurate feedback and improved retention.

Customer Satisfaction Any Time

A business wants to conduct an annual customer survey to generate a satisfaction rating for that year. Or maybe, a survey to generate a ‘Temperature Check’ ie. how customers feel about the business at a point in time. Either way, the answers are recorded and shown as trends over time. Customer comments and suggestions are reviewed for future action.

Trended analysis and improved sentiment.

Market Research

A business wants a representative sample of its customer base contacted to review and rank product feature ideas. This type of CATI survey (computer assisted telephone interview) is an accurate method of generating enough data for future business decisions to be taken – and be confident that the decision will be fact based from current customers.

Lowers risk on future decisions

Point of Experience PLUS Post Experience Feedback

The outbound phone survey can be supplemented with inbound, point of experience feedback to measure customer experience, attitudes and beliefs at any point in the customer journey – using the SAME platform.

Point of Experience Feedback
Post Experience Feedback


Via a personalized guest experience.


By taking action immediately.


Identify the issue before impacting others.


A flow of guest suggestions and ideas


Who know they have been heard.

Outbound Phone Surveys via Live Agents