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Hotel Feedback Software

for any Hotel, or Short Stay Facility

On location, guest feedback throughout their visit.

Increases guest satisfaction and helps boost Tripadvisor and Yelp scores.

Helps reduce online complaints.

Used at:

  • Hotels
  • Inns
  • Short stay
  • Airbnb
  • Motel
  • Guest house
  • Lodge

Guest Feedback Anywhere – about Anything

Hotel lobby needs guest feedback
Hotel bedroom needs guest feedback
Typical Hotel Bar which needs guest feedback
Hotel restroom needs guest feedback system

Opiniator’s hotel feedback software ensures high levels of satisfaction are being achieved in order to keep guests happy. The hotel feedback system gives hotels an easy means of collecting accurate, timely and actionable feedback; as a result, there are no nasty surprises on TripAdvisor or Yelp.

The customer feedback platform can gather guest feedback on location, throughout their visit via a digital questionnaire. This on-the-spot method for gaining an insight into guests’ concerns also allows for issues to be swiftly fixed, thereby boosting the satisfaction of guests before they even leave the facility or have a chance to complain online. 

Hotels, inns, motels, guest houses and lodges alike can use Opiniator to easily request feedback surveys, with the guest able to select a QR code, phone call, SMS or web response. In English or Spanish.

Help Prevent Online Complaints:

  • On the spot feedback means the hotel can immediately fix the issue 
  • And eliminate the problem
  • And connect with the guest
  • Before they complain online

And Help Get More Testimonials:

  • Happy guests (and only these!) are nudged to social media
  • So you get more testimonials
  • And no nasty online surprises before you have had a chance to fix them 
Hotel feedback social media brands

Requesting Feedback via Signage

On location indoor signage anywhere in the Hotel.  Guest selects QR code, Web, Phone call or SMS.

English or Spanish – works on any cell phone or tablet.

Postcard request for guest feedback at a hotel
Request for hotel guest feedback in bar, room and restaurant

Feedback via Tablet also Enabled

Guest feedback in hotels via Tablet

1-Click Staff Alerts – within 15 seconds

Low score, photo upload or a keyword can trigger an immediate email or text alert to the right staff .

Hotel restroom cleanliness alert from guest

This means….

  • The right staff get right info in seconds 
  • So can fix the issue
  • Connect with the guest
  • Close the feedback loop with 1-click
  • For improved operating standards
  • Happier guests
  • Decreased Yelp or TripAdvisor complaints

No more Comment Cards, irritating Web Surveys or Mystery Shops.

No more nasty surprises on TripAdvisor, or Yelp, only positive ones.

Take back control of Guest Feedback