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Operations Feedback, Onsite Audit & Asset Inspection

Location Review for any Business

On location, operations compliance and inspection – performed by staff.

Facility maintenance and HSE audit.

Brand standards and signage monitoring.

Used at:

  • Retail stores
  • Hotels and restaurants
  • Office buildings
  • Cultural attractions
  • Healthcare clinics
  • Other brick and mortar locations

Operations, Brand and Asset Inspection

Retail stock check and inspection
Building inspector with flashlight

Opiniator improves operations execution feedback by offering a real-time, mobile solution for monitoring compliance and performance standards directly from the field. This means onsite audit, compliance review, process checks, and walk the store programs are a breeze. No more forms, clipboards or paper checklists – just the convenience of your own team and their cell phone.
Through an easy-to-use platform, without an app being required, employees can instantly report on operational and brand conditions using their cell phones or tablets, facilitating immediate corrective actions with 1-click staff alerts and ongoing issue resolution tracking.
The compliance and audit process includes the option of taking photos in addition to standard compliance and deviation questions. This means greater insight and more detail in all alerts and reports – after all ‘a picture tells a thousand words’. Any out of compliance items within the audit immediately trigger an alert, that goes to staff groups of your choosing. These alerts are sent by SMs and / or email and delivered within 30 seconds of input.
Current use cases for Opiniator include restroom cleanliness, walk the store, internal mystery shop, merchandising standards, HSE audit and maintenance checklists. Current industries where this is applied include retail, hospitality, venues, attractions and healthcare.

Employees – On the Spot Feedback via Phone or Tablet

Employee feedback by cell phone or tablet using Smileys

Employees use a tablet or their own cell phone to give feedback anytime or go through a formal audit checklist.

Benefits – Efficiency and Speed

Reduced Paperwork: Digital submission of documents and data eliminates the need for physical paper trails, speeding up the audit process.
Real-time Data Collection: Allowing for immediate updates and analysis.
Lower Cost: No more paper, analysis or rework
24/7 Access: Compliance materials and audit records are accessible anytime

Feedback Can Include a Photo


Faucet dripping water

This means….

  •  A hazard or near miss can be identified before affecting the customer
  • The alert message contains more detail
  • The maintenance fix starts faster
  • The photo becomes part of the audit record along with other feedback data

Feedback is Uploaded in Real-Time and Tracked until the Solution has been Implemented – for True Closed Loop Feedback

Business taking action on customer feedback

1-Click Staff Alerts – within 15 seconds

Low score, photo upload or a keyword can trigger an immediate email or text alert to the right staff .

Staff alert by email if from unhappy customer

“Smart leaders focus on execution first and strategy second”

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Rosabeth Moss Kanter

Professor, Harvard Business Review - Oct 2017

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