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Wisconsin Rest Areas Using Opiniator for Visitor Feedback

Apr 10, 2021 | News

On Location Visitor Assessment

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (DOT) now receives visitor feedback provided by Opiniator across over locations. This means that the DOT staff receive comments, ratings and, reviews in real-time from visitors to both the Wisconsin rest areas and visitor centers. They had previously used comment cards but experienced many of the common problems associated with them. We have already documented elsewhere that there are at least a dozen reasons why comment cards need replacing with a real-time alternative. We also now have a comprehensive comment card guide to show how to improve this type of program.

Wisconsin joins 11 other states for on location visitor feedback at their rest areas to transform the visitor experience. This includes Florida and Georgia which feature in a recent case study.

Onsite posters located throughout the facility invite the rest area visitor to give feedback. Specifically, the feedback gets delivered via the visitor’s own cell phone using text messaging, a phone call or the web. This means there is no app to download and the feedback is available on all cell phones – not just smartphones. An example of the Wisconsin DOT signage is below.

Wisconsin rest areas visitor feedback signs


A Closed Loop Assessment Tool

Visitors to any of the Wisconsin rest areas get asked to rate the cleanliness and operating standards of a location using their own cell phone. A short survey gathers the feedback, ratings and suggestions. Some of the questions include:

  • Is is a convenient facility?
  • Does the rest area have clean restroom facilities?
  • Did you have access to restrooms?
  • How do you rate the amenities for truck drivers?
  • Rate the availability of truck parking?
  • Did you use overnight parking at the rest area?
  • What is your next alternate rest area?

Feedback Data Leads to Action

In addition, when feedback ratings are low for any Wisconsin rest area, the system immediately sends an alert email message to the appropriate location staff. For example, if restroom cleanliness is the issue, Opiniator sends an email to the location staff. This means they can fix the issue, correct the hazard and even connect with the visitor. Moreover, once the issue gets corrected, the actions taken by staff get recorded in the system. In doing so, this allows everyone to see the steps taken and the duration of the fix. Most importantly, the DOT can confirm the issue closed, so can be confident the operating standards improve.

All the rest area feedback data immediately populates a private dashboard. This means the Department of Transportation staff can assess individual rest area performance. In addition, the new benchmarking tool rank orders the locations to see which is best in class, and which needs improvement. The questions change online and instantly delivered ready for the next visitor.

The end result is an improvement in operating standards and happier visitors. Wisconsin now has a true closed-loop feedback program.

The Wisconsin rest areas feedback program is similar to other states who use Opiniator. An article from GovTech explains the typical use and benefits of implementing real-time visitor feedback.

Further information on how other rest area and facility managers are using Opiniator is here. Click on the Facility product sheet and have the information sent to your inbox.


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