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Text the Boss – Direct Customer Feedback Survey Tool

Dec 19, 2018 | Blog

Text the boss is a good idea – but could be made better

To text the boss is a good idea, but many customers think that a business doesn’t listen to them. Many companies tend to focus too much on the service or product they provide and forget about listening to their customers. Inevitably, this results in revenue and profit reduction. The Harvard Business Review recently commented:

Too many companies squander the treasure that is customer feedback.

Those businesses who get it – are customer listening focused

Zappos for example says:

Listening is the number one tool. What is important to customers becomes also important to Zappos. No doubt that there is no need to go above and beyond to wow your customers. Just listen and don’t follow a script. Each customer inquiry is unique, just remember that.

The Business Perspective

Rightly so that businesses are concerned enough to do something about it. In fact, over 80% are expecting to be competing on customer experience alone within two years, according to a 2017 Gartner Customer Experience Survey. A positive experience means customer retention and greater profits.

That figure has increased markedly since 2010, where the number was closer to 10%. Times have indeed changed.

Customer Dissatisfaction

Previous studies have shown 95% or more of customers don’t bother to complain. The five major reasons for this are:

  1. You never asked them for feedback
  2. It’s too complicated and requires much effort
  3. Customers simply don’t want to bother
  4. They are afraid of the possible outcome
  5. The perception is the business does not care – so what is the point?

In reality, the last item is the primary reason customers defect to a competitor. Have a look at the data below from the Rockefeller Group on the reasons why customers leave a company.

Customers Think Businesses Do Not Care








Comment Cards – The Wrong Solution

Comment Cards are often used as the primary source for customer feedback. These are possibly the worst invention in the entire customer experience industry!  Read why this is the case, and the twelve major reasons for any business to give these up.

Text the Boss – A solution?

So what is a customer to do if they want to be heard and want something to happen? Social Media is NOT the answer. As we have highlighted before, businesses are drowning in the volume of comment on the web. Moreover, why should a customer post online without any direct contact with the business?

We believe that talking directly to the Boss is a good start, but what is the best way?

Texting is one method but this is not going to be used by everybody, particularly the elderly demographic. Directly via the web is also useful – assuming the customer has access to a smartphone. The bad news here is that 23% of Americans do yet possess a smartphone.

A Better Solution – Direct Feedback to the Boss via Text, Web and Phone

So why not make it convenient for customers by enabling direct feedback on the most familiar tool available to all. The mobile phone. An ideal solution would be to provide:

  • Direct contact via SMS, Voice and Web.
  • English and Spanish language.
  • Open ended comment and some analytics.
  • A response directly back from the boss.
  • Follow up being tracked until completed.

Fortunately, this is available now. So, check out Opiniator and all the features.

Now you can go straight to the Boss. On your terms and know you will be heard.


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