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How to Stop Getting Negative Online Reviews for Your Restaurant

Nov 2, 2020 | News

RestaurantRockstars Podcast

Stop Getting Negative Online Reviews for your Restaurant – RestaurantRockstars.com Podcast featuring Opiniator.

Stop getting negative online reviews – is a major challenge for any restaurant. Moreover, any business. The bad review is a inevitably a surprise. Which means that the first thing you will be aware is after the event. This means zero chance of customer recovery or preventing the same experience to other customers. So what is the best strategy to prevent this happening?

It is always good catching up with Roger Beaudoin about anything to with restaurants. In the latest episode we discussed strategies to stop getting negative online reviews, and how to turn on location negative feedback into staff empowerment.

The podcast is featured in his excellent website ‘RestaurantRockstars’. Roger has been in the restaurant and hospitality businesses for years and now provide excellent resources for all in the industry to improve. The podcast series is content rich and highly instructive.

RestaurantRockstars Stopping Negative Online Reviews

Negative Online Reviews – for Restaurants and Hospitality

We have written before about the power of positive online reviews, why comment cards for restaurants are a really bad idea, and even on ‘How Yelp reviews Can Disappear’. On this podcast we discussed the financial impact of such reviews, then what are the best ways of preventing or preempting negative reviews ever getting online. (We cover the best way to get a Yelp review removed in another blog)

So what is the impact of a negative online review?

  1. Social media impact. It is likely that a bad review will appear in Yelp or TripAdvisor before the restaurant knows it and have even had a chance to contact the customer. The social radius of some customers is very high – hence the big brand impact. There are different estimates of this radius, for example The White House Office of Consumer Affairs found that a dissatisfied customer tells between 9 to 15 people about their poor experience. And, nearly 13 percent of those dissatisfied customers tell more than 20 people. A more alarming number is that dissatisfied customers tell a whopping 3000 people.
  2. The financial impact is equally profound. For example, companies in the U.S. lose $1.6 trillion because of customers jumping to competitors due to poor customer service. We can help determine the economics of improving customer retention – in fact, we have a calculator that can be downloaded so any business can understand the impact on profitability and cash flow.


Now we know the impact of poor service that could cause problems, how do we stop getting negative online reviews?

There are several steps to solving this:

  • Allow the customer to deliver feedback at the restaurant
  • Make it super easy for them, using their own device
  • Ensure the feedback can be delivered anonymously if they prefer
  • Have any negative feedback send a short alert message to your team
  • Take immediate action on negative feedback
  • Empower your staff to fix the issue and recover the customer


Have a look at the full video of the podcast, and our discussion the use of Opiniator as a way to help eliminate negative feedback from ever getting to social media. Getting Customer Feedback for your Restaurant is critical – perhaps now even more so, but NOT at the expensive of poor and unexpected online reviews..

If you prefer to listen only – check out the recording on Soundcloud.

Again – thanks to Roger at @RestaurantRock1


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