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Stop The Customer Comment Card

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Stop The Customer Comment Card

The comment card is ineffective, costly and damaging. We think there are at least 12 reasons to stop the comment card and get customer feedback by cell phone. The top 6 are listed here.

Comment cards are too late for action
Comment cards never reach management on time. Their collection, analysis, errors, and distribution always mean a delay before the business knows how it is performing. This means an unhappy customer posts to social media before you know it has even happened. There is no chance to fix the problem or salvage the customer, and no possibility to save your reputation.

Opiniator operates in real-time, enabling immediate recovery so the customer no longer needs to vent.

Low feedback scores mean unhappy customers and impending defection. Comment cards provide too little information, and too late for swift corrective action. The business is none the wiser, so continues to lose revenue without knowing why. And there is no opportunity to correct an issue or salvage the customer.

Opiniator delivers alerts to the right staff in seconds whenever there is an issue, enabling immediate action.

No swift action by the business possible with a comment card
Comment cards are inconvenient for the customer

The customer comment card is often hard to find, and likely deliberately so. Moreover, there may not be a pen or pencil on hand, maybe they have run out or the comment card box is full. And the card template is poor with badly constructed questions – impossible to complete, or just way too long. So why would a customers believe that anything will change quickly from their opinion on a dog eared relic of the past?

Opiniator is convenient for the customer, delivered on their own cell phone using SMS, Voice, QR Code or Web. English or Spanish

Just because a customers feedback is delivered does not mean it will lead to improvement in experience. Comment cards record the issue, but cannot track the issue to completion. This means management can never know if the staff has done anything to fix the issues or connect with the unhappy customers.

Opiniator provides closed-loop customer feedback, tracking any issue until rectification by staff.
Comment cards do not track business action
Comment cards are very expensive to use
Having comment cards are more expensive than you think. Design, print, distribution, postage, collection, input, analysis, correcting, communicating and delay all incur costs and delay. Furthermore, the business cannot change questions with expensive redesign and reprinting

Opiniator does all this in real time without error and at a much lower unit cost. No spreadsheets or delay.

The comment card needs costly processing and lengthy analysis with no automatic dashboard or in-depth analysis. No one sees the same data and the comments are only read, never analyzed. Moreover, this manual labor is error-ridden and will cause a delay between feedback and the opportunity to fix the issue and recover the customer.

Opiniator offers immediate review through an interactive online dashboard. We do the analysis so the business does not have to.
Comment cards are hard to analyze or generate insight
What is a customer comment card?
A traditional form of on-location feedback where customers are requested to give feedback by filling in a series of questions on a paper based comment card. There are many disadvantages with this method of feedback collection. We have highlighted the top twelve here. Many others  have also listed why this method is ineffective.
How do you ask for feedback from customers?

All feedback needs to lead to a business action, so effective feedback must be asked at the point of experience, delivered by the customer in under 2 minutes, using a device they already know (like their cell phone), allowing anonymity if desired, but always triggering an alert for low scores to the right business staff who can then fix the issue and recover that unhappy customer – before they defect, or worse, defect and complain online.