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Brief Guide: Importance of Customer Reviews for Your Small Business

Apr 19, 2019 | Blog, Smiley Face

The Importance of Customer Reviews

In the past, small businesses often depended on word of mouth for growth. Nowadays, word of mouth is getting outdated and not as much of a necessity as it once was. But there’s a new way to get the word out and obtain excellent feedback to fuel this growth. This now includes the smiley face in email. So read on.

The internet and other advancements in transportation, communication, and the technology niche have increased the visibility and marketing platform for small businesses. Customers can easily locate companies nearby. However, word of mouth is not fully abolished but has just adopted some changes in how customers and business owners operate. After all, a customer or prospect still values their fellow customer’s reviews on products and services offered by a business. A smiley face rating accompanied by positive reviews of the services you offer increases your reputation among customers, and their likelihood to buy. One to obtain this is a smiley face in email, specifically adding the smiley faces in an autosignature.

Customer Reviews Matter

Customer reviews are not utilized by all businesses as expected. Sometimes businesses do not need reviews. But for small or rather entrenched businesses, customer reviews matter a lot since they can either make or break the business. Getting too many one-star ratings from your customers impacts your reputation so hurts your business performance. If you do not get high ratings from your customers compared to your competition, then you are losing the battle in your marketplace. To be successful in business your customers should be your first priority. Listening to your customers and prioritizing their needs increases the bond and paying attention to customer reviews is a critical way of doing this.

Ease the Process of Reviewing Your Business – use a Smiley Face in Email

Before you get customer reviews to boost your growth, make the reviewing process easy for customers. You should encourage your customers to review your business by making the process convenient, easy and fast. One easy way of doing this is by implementing review management or a smiley face review tool. The software allows you to pre-screen customer’s reviews and direct them to appropriate review platforms. Once you have a lot of reviews, use them to grow your brand by sharing them widely. Do not forget to respond to the reviews.

Make your Customers Feel Acknowledged

Customers like acknowledgments, when a customer gives a negative review, reply positively asking them on how you can increase their experience in the future. If the reviews are positive, respond by thanking them then proceed to share the reviews on the available platforms.

Take the Reviews a Step Further

Giving customers a chance to leave reviews about your services then proceeding to share the positive comments on available platforms helps your business realize new heights. A business should value its customers since without them the business will decay.

The best step to take is using your reviews to build more awareness for your business and increasing its reputation. Customers who give high quality and positive reviews about the business and a smiley face rating helps in growing the business. More information on this, including product sheets, can be downloaded here.

No matter the field your business ventures in, customer reviews are a trusted method to ensure your business reaches new levels.


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