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Touchless Skier Feedback At
Via the Cell Phone
So No More Bad Tripadvisor Reviews




ASK: In-Store Signs

In location signs request skiers to give on the spot feedback via their cell phone – anywhere


ANSWER: Feedback Given

Skier selects preferred input method – SMS, QR, Web, Phone, and language


ACT: Staff Alerted

Staff receive an email or SMS alert – so can fix the issue and connect with the Skier


AUDIT: 360 Degree

Issues tracked by location and staff – until close-out via online dashboard

Las Vegas Convention Center restroom Signs

request for feedback

In mountain signage requests quick feedback on what needs attention – anywhere

Skier chooses from SMS, Web, QR code or Phone call – English or Spanish

No app needed. Works immediately on any cell phone

Maintenance issue, service problems, safety concern or anything else.


Lackawanna College Restroom Feedback Sign

signage install

Signage placed strategically in high visibility areas – inside and outdoor

Ski lifts, Mountain, Food Service – even Restrooms

(A poor restroom equates to dirty location)

Enable feedback everywhere on the mountain and in the resort

FLYCID Airport Restroom Feedback Sign

easy feedback input

Skier uses their own cell phone to give feedback.

Questions determined by the business

Feedback completed in 60 seconds – easy!

No unhygienic touchscreens or unfamiliar devices needed

CStore Restroom Feedback Sign

immediate staff alert

Sent to the right staff, by email or SMS, and containing all the information needed to fix the issue and remove the hazard

Skier can be contacted and recovered in seconds if they give consent

Helps stop defection and lost profit – immediately

Alerts tracked until closure – delivering operational improvements

Check out the video below on how we improve ski resorts.

Happier Skiers. Fewer Tripadvisor Complaints.

Battle tested and deployed nationwide


Satisfied Clients

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Ski Resort feedback signs

get touchless skier feedback
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