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no more comment cards, pos, or web surveys

in store shopper reviews
via their own cell phone

Helps reduce online complaints, increases operational standards and shopper loyalty. Allows direct chat with the shopper while they in the store.





ASK: On Location Signs

Signs request shoppers to give feedback at any part in the experience


ANSWER: Feedback Given

Shopper gives feedback via their own cell phone (SMS, QR, Web, Phone)


ACT: Staff Alerted

Staff receive an alert – so can fix the issue and connect with the shopper


AUDIT: 360 Degree

Issues tracked by location and staff until close-out via online dashboard

request for feedback

In store / product signage requests quick feedback

At any point in the shopping experience

Shopper chooses from SMS, Web, QR code or Phone call – English, Spanish or French

No app needed. Works immediately on any cell phone.

Can also be used by staff for inspections / walk-the-store.


strategic signage placement

Signs placed strategically in high visibility areas.

Posters, shelf edge talkers, table talkers, static clings

For feedback in any part of the store.

Feedback on service, product, displays – even the restrooms.

All data is store / territory specific.

easy feedback input

Shopper uses their own cell phone to give feedback.

Maximum convenience for higher response rates.

Web / QR, SMS and Phone call (shown to the left).

Full survey engine with skip logic for greater insight.

No unhygienic touchscreens or unfamiliar devices needed.

immediate staff alert

Sent to the right staff group, by email or SMS, and containing all the information needed to fix the issue and remove the hazard.

Staff can also connect with the shopper, before they complain online or defect

Staff can close-out the alert in 1-click from their own cell phone.

Alerts tracked until closure.

Comprehensive online analysis, leaderboard and dashboard.

Easy for the shopper. Effective for the store

Battle tested and deployed nationwide


Satisfied Clients

States Deployed


Retail Feedback by Cell Phone Signage

Signage delivers feedback, alerts, analysis and drives improvement

DMV Driver Satisfaction Dashboard

get on the spot shopper feedback
for increased retention

Increasing customer retention rates by 5% can help profits by 25% to 95%
Harvard Business Review: Oct 2014.