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Restroom Feedback

Flushcheck - Restroom Feedback by Cell Phone

“94% of U.S. adults would avoid a business in the future if they encounter a dirty restroom.“

– Harris Interactive for Cintas Corp – 2017

Clean, functional, and working guest restrooms are critical for maintaining the reputation of any business.

They are a quality barometer for the brand.

So, why are restroom standards so bad?


Main reasons….

  • Guests don’t talk to staff to complain
  • Staff don’t use checklists
  • Inspections are infrequent and always too late
  • Kiosks or tablets are expensive and break down
  • ….Plus they have hygiene issues – see below

And In-Restroom Touchscreens Are Unhygienic

Which means you will often see this…..

The solution is for guests to use their own cell phone to notify staff of an issue.

So we developed Flushcheck – Restroom feedback by Cell Phone.

In restroom signage prompts the guest to alert the business. They choose QR code, Web or SMS. No app needed, it works immediately on any cell phone.

This means….

  • The right staff get an alert in seconds (SMS/Email)
  • So can fix the issue and close out the alert
  • So no other guests are affected
  • Clean restrooms, happy guests

Staff can also use Flushcheck for regular restroom inspections.

Staff Inspections:

    • Are restroom specific
    • Are staff specific
    • Can include a photo
    • Are time stamped for verification
    • Delivered by cell phone or any web enabled device

Which Provides:

    • Lower inspection costs
    • Higher restroom standards
    • Improved staff accountability
    • Full audit trail
    • No excuses

…….and no more checklists

Used by any business including:

    • Office buildings
    • Shopping malls
    • Hotels and restaurants
    • Parks and attractions
    • Airports …OR anyplace with public restrooms

Flushcheck Benefits:

    • Improve guest satisfaction
    • Reduce water usage and maintenance cost

    • Improve safety risk

    • Can be used for inspections

Ready to take back control of your restroom standards?