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Rest Area Visitor Feedback

Twelve states use opiniator to manage visitor feedback from rest areas

State Rest Areas

400 rest areas across 12 states Рmanaged by their respective Department of Transportation, are using opiniator to manage visitor feedback and make these facilities safer, with lower maintenance costs.

Case Study - Florida

A recent GovTech article – here – covers the improvement in operational performance across the network of over 80 freeway rest areas across Florida.

Visitor Feedback Process

Rest area visitors are prompted to give feedback using their cell phone. Safety, maintenance, vending, staff, demographics and trip purpose – have all been asked.

Rest Area Signage Examples

Signage requesting feedback from the visitor is placed in the high traffic spots thoughout the rest area – eg. restrooms, vending, maps, picnic, and other notices.

Alert Messages to Staff

If the feedback rating is low, the right staff are immediately notified via email or SMS. The alert contains the detail for prompt action to take place. Reminders are sent until issue completion.

Closing the Feedback Loop

Any actions taken by staff are documented and date stamped so the DOT has a full record of the feedback cycle from initial visitor ratings through to audit. Some agencies use opiniator as part of their contractor performance-based contract.