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Rest area feedback at the Wisconsin Department of Transportation is now provided by Opiniator. As with the other nine states already using the tool, Wisconsin is now able to receive feedback in realtime from visitors to both the rest areas and visitor centers. They had previously used both comment cards but recognized the problems associated with their use. We have already documented elsewhere that there are at least a dozen reasons why comment cards are a bad idea and need to be replaced with a real-time alternative.

Visitors to the rest areas are requested to give feedback via onsite posters located throughout the facility. The feedback can be delivered via the visitor’s own cell phone using text messaging, a phone call or the web. This means there is no app to download and the feedback can be delivered on all cell phones – not just smartphones.

Wisconsin Rest Areas use Opiniator

Wisconsin rest area visitors are being to rate the cleanliness and operating standards of the rest areas. In addition to the ratings, Opiniator also collects comments and ideas. If the ratings are low, the system immediately sends an alert email message to the right location staff and departmental personnel. This means they can fix the issue, correct the hazard and even connect with the visitor. Once the issue is corrected – the actions taken can also be recorded in the system – allowing everyone to see the steps taken and the duration of the fix. This allows Wisconsin a true closed loop feedback program.

All the rest area feedback data is viewed on a private dashboard – so the Department of Transportation staff can location performance and can even rank order the locations to see which is best in class, and which needs improvement. The questions can be changed online and are instantly delivered ready for the next visitor.

The end result is an improvement in operating standards and happier visitors.

The Wisconsin rest area feedback program is similar to other states. An article from GovTech – explained the typical use and benefits of implementing real-time visitor feedback.