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Closed Loop Customer Feedback - Features


Immediate Staff Alerts

Customer feedback triggers staff alert via email or text message

Location staff are immediately notified (via email or SMS) of any negative feedback – and given the information needed to fix the problem and connect with the customer. The customer can even upload a photo.


Alert Tracking

Customer feedback alerts are tracked until completed

Alerts are tracked until resolution. All actions taken to rectify an issue or dissatisfied customer are documented and reminders are sent until completion – so ensuring action is taken and closing the feedback loop.

Customer Connect

Staff alert from low feedback scores allows staff to connect with customer

The customer can include contact information in their communication. Location staff use this information to connect with the customer. Direct SMS chat also available.

Social Media Connect

Request for happy customer to deliver testimonial on social media

opiniator survey tool reviews business survey data in real-time and invites just the satisfied customers to provide a testimonial on social media sites.

Photo Upload

Customer feedback can include a photo

In addition to feedback scores and ideas, customers can also upload a photo via their mobile phone to provide more detail. This upload becomes part of the staff alert.

SMS Chat / Messenger

Opiniator Chat vis SMS

As part of a feedback session (or standalone), customers can request to chat to the business via SMS, in real-time. The business uses any web enabled device for this guest messaging.

Online Dashboard

Customer feedback is shown in an online dashboard

The business sees all the feedback via a private online dashboard, with data updated in real-time. The business can see if customers are satisfied and how it is performing at any location or group of locations.

Multiple Inputs

Customer feedback inputs using SMS, phone call, QR code and web

Customer convenience increases when they can choose from delivering feedback via SMS, Phone call, Web / QR Code. We include all phones, not just smartphones, and cover all demographics and preferences.


English Spanish

Customer feedback in English, Spanish or French

Feedback can be delivered in English or Spanish. This means more convenience for the customer and higher response rates for the business. More languages to follow.

Smileys / Icons

Smiley face feedback rating scale

1 click icons including Smileys and Stars can be used for certain questions. This is very convenient for customer and often leads to higher response rates.

Net Promoter Score

Net Promoter Score or NPS for customer feedback

The Net Promoter Score (NPS) is standard question across many industries that  asks customers for the likelihood they would recommend the product or service to a friend.



Benchmarking leaderboard across locations

Ranking the location performance for any feedback question shows the best in class and the rest. This leaderboard is the foundation for operational improvement.

Survey Design Help

Opiniator provides help in survey design

You are not on your own. We help with survey design, question creation, staff training, feedback implementation, and analysis review. We’re here to help in an ongoing process as you fine tune your surveys and gather the information you need.