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How can over-surveying your customers ever be bad?

We all know that regular surveying of customers is a great way to find out what you’re doing well, and what needs improving. The insight is especially valuable if the feedback is from your most passionate customers. These are the ones who not only buy from you, but are willing to spend their valuable time giving you feedback. This information is valuable. Gold dust valuable. You will discover insights that lead to a better customer experience, improve customer satisfaction and higher profits. Surveying too much has unfortunate consequences for the business.

So, What’s the Problem with Too Many Surveys?

The problem comes when you request your customers to fill out surveys after every purchase, whether they’ve responded to you recently or not. This particularly problematic when the customer is loyal to your business.

Loyal customers are exactly what we want. They are repeat buyers that spend more money with us. Moreover, they recommend us to others – of course we want their opinion. But, when you bombard them with surveys, their loyalty erodes. This is “survey fatigue”. We have highlighted this before. The Wall Street Journal just published a great article that adds more insight:

It’s time to face up to feedback fatigue

There are FOUR big issues:

1) You’re Numbing Your Customers

Over-surveying is like kicking along a horse that’s already walking. It is a waste of time. You are numbing customers who are already willing to do as you ask. Repeated requests for feedback make customers reluctant to return. They will delay buying or avoid buying from you altogether. At best, they continue to shop with you, but with a sigh and an eye-roll every time they receive the survey requests. Survey fatigue leading to numbness and low response rate.

2) Bad Blood Between You and Loyal Customers

Loyal customers may begin to dread or resent your constant pestering. Many businesses believe more customer communication leads to improve customer relationships. For surveys, this is false. Over-surveying from poor survey design will drive your customers away as they begin to feel harassed. Future surveys will not be answered. Your brand will become damaged as your loyal customers start to leave. Moreover they will tell others why. Ultimately your brand will be perceived as a nuisance.

3) You Break Their Trust

Your customers gave you their contact information so you could keep them informed on big news, new products and sales promotions. As soon as you start messaging them with things they do not want, you break any trust you had built. Trust takes many months to obtain but is destroyed with over-surveying.

4) Customers Will Stop Buying from You

Customers Will Stop Buying from You What will happen when a business over-surveys and produces survey fatigue? If your customers feel that every time they make a purchase, or visit your business they will receive repeated feedback requests, they will defect to your competition. Contacting them over and over is ruining the customer experience and they will find what they’re looking for somewhere else.

If you want to calculate the financial impact of this – use our defection calculator – here.

What’s the Solution to Over-Surveying?

Safeguards must be installed that prevent customers from being essentially punished for buying from you. You also need to limit your survey requests and review how often survey requests go out. You must also consider the option to allow customers to give on location feedback without a request coming from you. This means they give feedback when they want, and only if they want to. The survey invitation is clear and the survey taker knows the expectations.

Opiniator is a customer feedback platform for out of home businesses to collect on-the-spot ratings, comments, and feedback from real consumers using their mobile phone. It is not an online survey, there are no outbound phone surveys, there is no push for automatic information and no survey interval.

This can be done at any time throughout their experience. Your business can respond and connect with the customer before you lose them. Opiniator reduces unexpected online complaints and bad reviews when it is too late for you to do anything about them. Consumers can choose how they provide feedback, i.e. web, QR code, SMS, by phone, or email, and only happy Consumers will be prompted to recommend your store on social media. The survey process is simple and the goals are clear.

Survey fatigue from over-surveying has a big impact, but is avoided using these 4 steps.

Feedback Resources to Deliver a Return

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