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Mississippi Driver Services Bureau Collects Driver Feedback

Jun 3, 2019 | Driver feedback, Government, News

Mississippi Drivers License

New Initiatives in the DSB Including Driver Feedback

The Driver Services Bureau (DSB) in Mississippi is part of the Department of Safety and has over 30 locations throughout the state. Drivers go here to get tested or renew their licenses. The DSB recently rolled out several new driver programs to improve the wait time and increase customer satisfaction. Notably, Opiniator is one of the initiatives chosen to improve satisfaction.

Opiniator improves driver satisfaction by delivering real-time feedback from driver’s at each location. On location signage invites the drivers to give feedback about their overall experience and examiner performance. Location staff are immediately notified if there are low satisfaction scores or other issues. This driver feedback means operational issues get solved in minutes.

A May 2019 press conference outlined the range of initiatives and the rationale for each.

Real-Time, On the Spot Driver Feedback

Opiniator improves driver satisfaction by allowing on the spot, real-time driver feedback about their experience. Commissioner Marshall Fisher gave a summary:

Another thing in the works is a program called Opiniator. Opiniator allows citizens to provide feedback to us on the services they received. The real-time driver feedback system permits the agency to reach a broader scope of customers than before. The driver uses their own cell phone to give feedback so it is very easy. This system is now in all driver license stations. From the shared feedback data that staff receive, they can see the improvements needed and take immediate action.

Opiniator – How Does it Work

Each DSB location has signage showing how to feedback. The posters invite the driver to give feedback at any time, from taking their ticket to getting a drivers test. A sample is below. In addition, each examiner hands a card with the same message to drivers who have just taken their test. The feedback is specific to both the examiner and the location. In each case, the driver uses their own cell phone. Most importantly, the driver can elect to give feedback using the most convenient method for them. This includes SMS (texting), Phone call, QR Code or the web.

DMV Driver Feedback Poster


The feedback takes less than two minutes and is in the form of a short survey. To make the answering process easier, the survey includes smiley face icons. All results are instantly available to DSB staff via a private, online dashboard. This means they quickly review the performance of each location and each examiner. Moreover, they know the satisfaction of their customers, the drivers.

Press Coverage for Driver Feedback

The implementation of Opiniator received a lot of local coverage: WCBI, WLOX, and WLBT.

The Opiniator real time driver feedback system will bring the DSB into the 21st Century. Henceforth, the rating of our services and allowing the agency to reach a broader scope of customers through this technology.  The collected data is immediately shared among staff as an opportunity to quickly see where improvements are needed.

Commissioner Fisher added, “The Opiniator will provide customers with a platform to give constructive feedback in a way that will assist the DPS Driver Service Bureau in developing solutions for the improvement of customer service.”

Opiniator is also present at another Mississippi state agency, the Department of Transportation. As a matter of fact, all MS freeway rest areas collect visitor feedback this way. Indeed, Mississippi is one of twelve states that collects driver feedback expressly at rest areas to improve operations and safety performance. Additionally, GovTech featured the use of Opiniator for the Florida Department of Transportation in all their rest areas. The article is here.



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