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Markets We Serve With Our Digital Guest Comment Card

Multi Location, Brick and Mortar Businesses - Like These:

Government Facilities

Over 400 freeway rest areas managed by the Department of Transportation across twelve states rely on opiniator to manage all visitor feedback. Capability Statement available here. More detail on rest area feedback is here.
Patients can now give feedback on their clinic, hospital or provider using the cell phone or an on-site tablet. Improves HIPAA scores, operational standards, and patient loyalty.

Parks and Recreation Facilities

Graffiti, vandalism, maintenance, HSE can be reported during any part of the guests visit to a park, trail or sports facility. Immediate staff alerts mean immediate resolution.

Zoos, Attractions and Museums

On location guest feedback about queue length, staff courtesy, restroom cleanliness, operating standards in addition to suggestions, and ideas on how the offer could be improved.
24 / 7 feedback on any aspect of the offer – room, gym, bar, menu, check-in, service, staff. Immediate feedback via opiniator means no nasty surprises on Yelp or Tripadvisor.

Auto Dealers and Repairs

Improved customer satisfaction for auto sales or service means increased loyalty and higher CSI scores. Locations can be compared and feedback is by individual staff or technician.