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Lost and Found via Cell Phone

Feb 6, 2023 | News

A lost and found program is an effective way to ensure that lost property returns to the rightful owner. Lost and Found in airports, transit, hotels or wherever there are people is a busy activity. By implementing a lost and found program, organizations can reduce their losses due to theft and provide their guests with a secure and organized way to find misplaced personal items. Moreover, when done well, the guest view of the business will always improve.

So we are delighted that the big news is that Opiniator can provide this program. Specifically, our first customer is Palm Beach International Airport (PBIA).

Palm Beach International Airport

This post will provide an overview of what a lost and found program is, the components of having one, and PBIA has improved its program. Read on.

What’s in a Program?

An effective lost and found program should have the following components:

  1. Ease of reporting: An easy and convenient way for the visitor to report the issue
  2. Efficient process: An easy-to-use reporting online process, that makes it simple for people to report and track lost items
  3. Immediate staff alerts: Staff alert in seconds if the guest reports a lost item
  4. Item documentation: Detailed documentation of each reported item including a description, date, and location found.
  5. Secure storage: A secure storage area to keep found items safe and prevent theft or damage.
  6. Timely follow-up: A system to follow up with individuals who report lost items, to keep them informed of the status of their lost property.
  7. Comprehensive analysis: A dashboarding tool to monitor the performance of the business in its lost and found program
  8. Communication and awareness: Regular communication with the community to inform them of the lost and found program and encourage them to report lost items.

By having these components in place, a lost and found program will improve the chances of reuniting individuals with their lost items and increase customer satisfaction. So let’s take a look at each:

Ease of Reporting:

The cell phone is everywhere. In fact the latest data from Pew states:

The vast majority of Americans – 97% – now own a cellphone of some kind. The share of Americans that own a smartphone is now 85%, up from just 35% in Pew Research Center’s first survey of smartphone ownership conducted in 2011.

This means that it easy to report a lost and found. What makes it easier though is offering a choice of input via phone – specifically QR code, Phone call, SMS or Web, English and Spanish. So the guest uses:

  1. A device they are familiar with
  2. An input mechanism they prefer
  3. And a language they are comfortable with

Lost and Found Table Talker Sign

Lost and Found reporting by phone and online

Efficient Process:

The process must be simple and effective once the guest has recorded the item. The touchless method developed by Opiniator is shown below:

Lost and Found Process by Opiniator

Immediate Staff Alerts:

The right staff are alerted in seconds when an item has been reported. This means the process has been started, and delivers the mechanism to communicate with the guest.

Lost and Found Staff Alert

Item Documentation and Secure Storage:

Of course – but this is straightforward so we won’t dwell here.

Timely Follow-up:

The Lost and Found program must have an easy way for the guest to be contacted, so share process details and how to be reunited with the item when found. This is often delivered via some form of guest chat feature via SMS.

Comprehensive Analysis:

It is a key component of any system to deliver analysis on the effectiveness of that program. With Opiniator, the business tracks:

  1. How many items are being processed
  2. Where the incident took place
  3. How long before the item was tracked and returned

Communication and Awareness:

Our program informs and instructs the guest at any part of their journey how to report an item. This is via signage:

Indoor Lost and Found Signage


It shows the business is committed to an efficient and convenient process – everywhere.

Return on Investment:

The ROI for the business of our program is usually an aggregate of the following:

  • Increase in guest satisfaction
  • Improvement in lost and found cost
  • Reduction or elimination of existing feedback costs
  • Ready made inspection, ticketing and performance contract system

Should a business have a Lost and Found Program?

Yes, Yes, Yes. Just ask Palm Beach Airport.

Such a program can assist the business to handle any lost items from customers and staff, and create a positive impression on customers. Having a clear and organized lost and found process shows the business cares at any touchpoint in the customer journey.

Contact us to find out more.





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