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How's My Driving?

Driver Observation by Citizens Using Their Cell Phone

“Commercial Fleet accident rates are increasing. In 2018 they have reached  20%.“

Automotive Fleet – March 2018

Vehicle accidents are among the most expensive claims for a business.

The average cost of loss is $70,000

Driver and Vehicle Monitoring can help.

Driver and Vehicle Monitor Programs are Effective

  • They allow citizens to report bad driving
  • Citizens call a third party
  • They report what they have observed
  • Usually bad driving or vehicle issues
  • A Fireman’s Fund insurance study showed this type of program had a reduction of crashes of 22%

How Does the Opiniator Program Work?

Feedback Leads to Immediate Notification and Action

Opiniator vs. Standard How’s My Driving

Easier for the Citizen to Use, Greater Fleet Safety for the Business

Online Dashboard Shows Fleet Performance

Complements Truck Telematics

By Reporting on What Telematics Cannot:

  • Tailgating
  • Weaving
  • Bad parking
  • Near misses 
  • Poor driver conduct
  • Driver sleeping
  • Driving threat

Return on Investment