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How Smiley Face Ratings Benefit Your Business Processes

Apr 3, 2019 | Blog, Smiley Face

There is no denying the fact that customer feedback is essential for a business. It helps in understanding the perspective of customers toward your brand and how you are performing. You can also take corrective steps based on the responses, ideas and complaints made by the customers in their feedback. Many innovative methods have been devised to get instant customer feedback. Smiley face ratings integrated into the email auto signature is the easiest way to do that. Using these surveys, you can measure the level of customer satisfaction for each individual member of staff Here’s how:

Concise and Sweet

The smiley faces are not only sweet but also the shortest way to collect valuable customer feedback. Since the method is quick and easy, people readily give their feedback and tell you about their thoughts instantly. A long survey can be irritating for most of your customers. It makes an unhappy customer more frustrated with your services. You can ask them to spend their time filling in a lengthy survey form. But, with smiley face surveys, the whole process becomes a lot easier for the customers.

Track and Measure

Whenever a customer clicks on a smiley face integrated into an email auto signature, it registers a satisfaction rating. If a customer clicks on the sad faces, you can request a little more information related to their experiences. At the same time, a quick alert can be sent to your staff for a timely reaction. This way, you can fix the problem instantly rather than delaying it further. Every customer feedback through a smiley face rating gives you a measurable score. You can track it and gain actionable insights for the future.

Happy Customers

By enabling the easiest way of leaving their feedback, you make your customers happier. And, when you take corrective measures afterward, it shows that you care for them. Happy customers will stay longer with you and become your brand ambassadors. They can recommend your business to their circle and family for higher sales.

Visibility to the Data

The smiley face surveys deliver immediate feedback to an online dashboard. Your customer support staff can consistently keep an eye on the real-time results and take appropriate actions when necessary. They are always aware of customer experiences and can take actions to make them positive.

Motivate the Employees

You can use smiley face surveys to register satisfaction ratings for every employee. As such, it becomes easier to incentivize good scores with any tangible or intangible reward. This creates healthy competition among the teams and motivates employees to perform better.

So, the simple method of smiley face surveys can serve various purposes to improve customer experiences, employee engagement, and business development.


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