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Unfortunately, a smile, “thank you” and even a nice tip aren’t enough to guarantee customer satisfaction these days. Some people are simply too busy to leave feedback, or not interested in doing so. After all, if you’ve given them exactly what they asked for, why should they be expected to tell people about it?

However, anything that your customers perceive as negative could immediately lead to them voicing or for that matter, publishing online their negative experience. 

So, to ensure that such dissatisfaction is avoided and satisfaction provided, consistent measurement of customer satisfaction levels is important – albeit tricky.

Effective ways to measure customer satisfaction

Regular surveys or questionnaires after the experience can help to keep you up-to-date on what your customers are thinking. Within such documents, you may choose to ask what your customers expect of you, and if there are any areas where you could be performing better – or even where your customers believe your competitors are presently bettering you.

Getting an understanding of whether your customers would choose your service again, and recommend it to their friends and family, will certainly indicate how well your business is being received. Essentially, customer satisfaction is about both perception and intention – what do they think of you, and will they return? 

Here at Opiniator, we specialize in capturing real-time ratings, comments and feedback from a real brick and mortar customers during their experience, thereby giving you the opportunity to respond in seconds to fix the issue and even connect with the customer while they are still at your location.

Potentially saving you the problem of a negative review or customer complaint, with our service you can better keep track of how satisfied your customers truly are with your firm’s offerings. Simply contact us today to find out more.