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Improve Patient Feedback with Patient Satisfaction Surveys

Improve HIPAA scores, operational standards, and patient loyalty.

Patient satisfaction has an impact on patient retention, negative online feedback, and medical malpractice claims. In fact, according to Press-Ganey patient satisfaction surveys, there is a clear link between patient satisfaction and their perception of the quality of care.

Satisfied patients:

  • Experience less stress themselves
  • Are less stressful for medical staff to deal with, resulting in fewer errors and more profit
  • Share their positive experiences with others, referring your healthcare clinic or hospital to their friends and family

That’s why you cannot wait until after one of your patients has had a poor experience to address the causes and make changes. It’s already too late by then…

Instead, you need to be collecting real-time patient feedback, via multiple touchpoints, and benefiting from timely, intuitive reports so you can take action while they are still on your premises (and still in a position where you can correct the issue and recover the patient. 

The added bonus here is that you can also prevent the issue from impacting any of your other patients, improving your overall patient experience scores and satisfaction in the process.

Feedback request via on location communication.

Immediate visitor response via their own cell phone or on site tablet.

Low scores and unhappy visitors trigger immediate SMS / Email alerts to staff.

Alerts tracked until completion – true closed loop feedback.

Help increase your HIPAA scores, improve your operational standards, and boost patient loyalty

With Opiniator, more accurate feedback and improved patient outcomes are just 4 steps away:

  1. The patient sees a request to give feedback
  2. The patient provides feedback there and then using their mobile phone, tablet or an on-premises kiosk
  3. You receive an instant notification and can access the patient feedback via an intuitive dashboard
  4. Steps can then be immediately taken to address the issue and prevent it from impacting anyone else or happening again

Do away with out-of-date paper-based patient satisfaction surveys and afford better insights in the process. That’s because Opiniatorallows patients to provide feedback right here, right now, which not only leads to more accurate information, but also an opportunity to take action

Opiniator use mobile phones, tablets, and kiosks to capture patient feedback while they are still in your hospital or clinic. It’s an approach that patients want to interact with and that leads to increased engagement levels.

Opiniator benefits:

  • Real-time feedback – Deal with issues as they arise & before they impact others
  • Increased patient loyalty – Happier patients who return again and again
  • Improved reviews – A better perception of your healthcare facility
  • Simple to use – Opiniator’s simplicity means that anyone can use it
  • English and Spanish language support – Enjoy even more responses and engagement

Close the feedback loop now and take back control of your patient satisfaction process by implementing Opiniator across all of your locations and quickly identify which ones are letting you and your patients down.

Opiniator is efficient, modern, cost-effective, and… most important of all… your patients will actually want to use it to tell you how you’re doing – something that very few other feedback mechanisms can boast.

Contact us now to request a demo and/or find out more about how Opiniator can revolutionize your patient feedback and satisfaction levels.

Requesting Feedback via Signage

On location signage prompts the visitor to give feedback. They choose QR code, Web or SMS. No app needed – it works immediately on any cell phone or tablet.

Multiple Feedback Inputs

Means Maximum Visitor Convenience, Maximum Response Rates.

This means….

  • Visitor gives feedback on their terms
  • With a device, input and language they prefer
  • For increased response rates
  • And maximum flexibility for the business

1-Click Staff Alerts

Low scores, specific answers, even certain keywords trigger an alert to staff in seconds.

This means….

  • The right staff get an alert in seconds (SMS/Email)
  • So can fix the issue
  • Connect with the visitor
  • Close the alert in 1-click
  • This means happier visitors, higher standards
  • …And no nasty surprises on social media

Private, Online Dashboard

Updated in real-time, shows location performance and Leaderboards.

All feedback data populates the dashboard:

  • The right staff get to see performance
  • For any or all locations
  • Through interactive charts
  • Location leaderboards
  • And tracks all alerts until completion and close-out

Visitor Feedback – Return on Investment