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Getting On the Spot Customer Feedback for your Restaurant – Podcast

Aug 28, 2020 | News


Getting Customer Feedback for your Restaurant – RunningRestuarants.com Podcast featuring Opiniator.

Getting Customer Feedback – the lifeblood of any business. It is always good catching up with Jaime Oikle about anything to with restaurants including how to best obtain feedback. Last week we had the opportunity to continue our discussions about a range of restaurant topics including how to obtain customer feedback and what a good restaurant feedback system looks like.

The podcast is featured in his excellent website ‘Running Restaurants’. We were joined by co-host Roger Beaudoin of Restaurant Rockstars fame. Both Jaime and Roger have been in the restaurant and hospitality businesses for years and now provide excellent resources for all in the industry to improve. – Check out their articles.

Running Restaurants Podcast

Customer Experience – for Restaurants and Hospitality

Customer defection for restaurants has always been high – likely 10% per year…OUCH. This has a double whammy impact:

  1. Social media fallout – likely a bad review will appear in Yelp or TripAdvisor before you know it and have even had a chance to contact the customer. The social radius is very high for these negative online reviews  – hence the big brand impact. We have written about this Yelp peril before.
  2. The financial impact is equally profound – in fact, we have a calculator that can be downloaded so any business can understand the impact on profitability and cash flow.
  3. Real-time feedback is crucial for restaurants, making suggestion box alternatives essential.

So how to get Customer feedback for your restaurant and tackle this?

More data on the impact of customer defection and the most likely causes can be found here in the Restaurant Times. This includes some excellent study data on the importance of hygiene factors.

Your restaurant may have the most aesthetic interiors, but a speck of dirt on the dining table, a soiled napkin, or an overflowing dustbin in the bathroom can take away all the joy of dining for the customers and contribute in customer attrition. A study of 373 service failures conducted by Beth Chung and K.D. Hoffman confirms that housekeeping is one of the most vital factors to keep the customers coming back to your restaurant.


Hygiene Importance in a post COVID World

One item we discussed that leads to increased defection is restroom hygiene.

One area that has already seen dramatic changes is in personal hygiene. People are taking notice of how often they touch their face and how often they wash their hands. This is causing businesses to change how they clean and disinfect their facilities, including their restrooms

Several studies have already shown that the public is becoming more hygiene conscious because of COVID-19. This is largely due to the constant messaging that governments have employed to make citizens more aware of COVID-19, and of the additional rules governing social and personal hygiene.

So now it’s critical the restaurant enables in location and in-restroom guest feedback – the economic and brand rationale are strong

Have a look at the full YouTube video of the podcast, and our discussion the use of Opiniator as a source of on the spot feedback and worthy replacement to comment cards. Getting Customer Feedback for your Restaurant is critical – perhaps now even more so.

If you prefer to listen only – check out the recording on Soundcloud.

Again – thanks to https://twitter.com/JaimeOikle


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