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Flushcheck Upgrade Technology for COVID 19

Jul 31, 2020 | News, Restroom

Flushcheck Announces Upgraded Technology To Improve Public Restroom Standards During COVID-19

Flushcheck, from Oberon3, is announcing an upgrade to its restroom alert software that helps reopening public restrooms during the COVID-19 pandemic. The upgrade allows restroom users to send one-click notifications to janitorial staff – with their own cell phone. Specifically by way of SMS, phone, web, or QR code if a restroom needs attention. Additionally, users deliver this in one of three languages: English, Spanish and French.

Matt Selbie, President of Oberon3, Inc., creators of Flushcheck, says that because of COVID-19,

“There is a huge focus on hyper-clean restrooms to match the increased sensitivity of the public when using these facilities.”

As businesses start to reopen, there is an emphasis on restroom management. Improved restroom safety and operating standards demanded by the public present a roadblock that has to be cleared before normal business returns to pre-COVID-19 levels.

The feedback system launched twelve months ago, and is in approximately 450 locations nationally. The Flushcheck upgrade newest features went live four weeks ago, and they constitute a response to user feedback.

“We adapted our technology to solve a real problem – helping facility managers get real-time alerts from users to improve restroom standards,” Selbie says.

While Flushcheck was not originally launched specifically because of COVID-19,

“We knew the cleanliness of a business’ restroom tends to be a barometer for customer perception about that business ” Selbie says. “COVID has amped up the average citizen’s requirement for a super-clean, well-maintained restroom.”

Business owners, facility managers, maintenance managers, and others who hold accountability for restroom performance can see video on how Flushcheck works here.

High User Convenience

The convenience factor is high with Flushcheck. There is no app to download. It works on any cell phone. Users don’t have to interact with any other device. This eliminates the problem of having any kind of touchscreen in the restroom. There’s a strong aversion, especially now, for people to touch anything other than what’s absolutely necessary in the restroom.

With people becoming more hygiene conscious, they will be less motivated to use touchscreen technology. Their own cell phone is a cheaper, more effective option without any of the hygiene concerns.

Flushcheck is appropriate for industries with large numbers of public restrooms: airports, attractions, as well as conference and convention centers. Restaurants benefit as well, because they are even more susceptible to negative social media reviews from customers who have a poor restroom experience.

The Flushcheck upgrade and detail on the rest area program – found here.


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