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How to use email signature feedback to deliver another opportunity for customer review. This was the issue for AWP (Area Wide Protective). They provide traffic control to 19 states and part of Canada. They offer a variety of traffic control products and services for construction project and events, specifically providing flagging, safety consulting, temporary traffic control plans, and equipment. AWP has over 4,000 employees working on projects, supported by a large team dedicated to customer service. AWP had previously measured customer service performance by the level of complaints received and was looking for a more proactive tool with which to measure customer satisfaction.  AWP brought us in to provide a method for customers who interacted with service personnel by email to deliver feedback. Specifically, they wanted emoticons – Smiley Faces. We proposed a solution using an email auto-signature that incorporated a request for a quick rating – an example of this email signature feedback is shown below. Email Smiley Face Feedback Each of the smiley faces is active, so that, when selected, it registers the satisfaction rating for that staff member. Moreover, if either of the ‘sad’ faces is clicked a web screen requests a little more information and a quick alert message is sent to the AWP team.  This allows a timely reaction to fix the issue, salvage that customer and counsel the staff involved. The customer is always thanked for their feedback, and the entire feedback process lasts no more than 5 seconds. AWP has visibility to the data for each support staff via an online dashboard – in fact, a TV monitor in the Customer Support office displays real-time results and the trend over time, so the team is always aware of their group’s performance. Since the beginning of 2018, over 2,300 responses have been received to their email signature feedback program.
“AWP is a rapidly growing company. When we centralized our Support Center, some customers were apprehensive to deal with someone outside of their local vicinity. Opiniator allowed us to measure customer experience so that we not only knew how well we are doing, but also gave us the opportunity to use the metrics to reassure new customers that our staff is capable of servicing them well, no matter what proximity they are to us.”
Deanna Meadows: AWP Marketing and Business Development Manager