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CXBuzz Interview with Matt Selbie

Oct 30, 2021 | News

CXBuzz just completed an interview with Oberon3 founder, Matt Selbie. Established in 2020 and headquartered in New York City, CXBuzz is an online publication that covers news, consumer trends, and industry insights in the customer experience space – so this was a real honor!


The full interview can be viewed here and covered a wide array of subjects including background and the story behind Opiniator and the team. The main focus of the interview centered on current practices from best in class businesses in listening to customer feedback.

Matt described the SIX step process to improve CX for any business.
  • Segment the customer base. Do not assume all your customers are equal, so don’t think you have to listen to all of them.
  • Prune your current CX strategy budget. I see far too many companies starting these big initiatives that sound sexy and productive but are generally badly executed. Why journey map if you cannot deliver operationally? The yardstick should be to focus on improving defection rates among the group(s) above.
  • Spend on operations. Make the day-to-day transaction the best it can be. Have clean facilities, friendly and empowered staff. Do 20 things marginally better than the competition and you will attract AND retain — without CX consultants running the show.
  • Enable point of experience feedback on and offline – but ONLY if you are going to commit the resources to taking immediate action on that feedback. Why ask for feedback at any point – if the action taken is either non-existent or simply too late to prevent defection. Or worse defection, and online complaints. Enable feedback on their terms – not yours.
  • Repeat Step 1 annually and deliver tracking every 6 months to confirm strategically you are delivering the offer they want.
  • Do NOT over survey….EVER!

The main takeaway here is that for most businesses it must start with improving operations. If you cannot operate then there is no hope of any strategy implementation. After all – Every year, $1.6 trillion is lost due to poor customer service. Customer service is the spine of customer experience, an absolutely central component to the machine. Let this slip and customer relationships wither. This means the business must start with the basics and execute consistently – ensuring the customer has an opportunity to feedback while they are at the location.


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