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Customer Feedback

Customer feedback goes a long way in helping businesses improve their overall functioning. By focusing on the areas that need extra attention. It also tells the business how many customers are likely to be retained for the long term. It helps them to understand the dynamics of customer requirements.

However, the question arises about how many customers actually take time to provide feedback. Sadly, the answer is not favorable as most customers do not give feedback. One of the major reasons for this is the complexity of the feedback process. Opening a link, filling a comment card, answering lengthy questions, takes too much time. This makes the customers wary of the feedback process – hence the low response rates to feedback requests.

Smiley Feedback

To help simplify the feedback taking process, businesses now use smiley faces. That is inserted at the end of an email that is sent in response to a query or a complaint from the customer.

Customer Retention

Each Smiley Face represents a satisfaction rating, usually from very happy to very unhappy.
When they receive an email from the business. Customers simply have to click on a smiley face to register feedback. The internal system is programmed in such a way that the online dashboard accessed by the business. It will be updated with the new feedback. In addition, if the Smiley Face records an unhappy customer.Through which an immediate alert is sent back to the business. So that they can fix the issue and recover the customer.

Automated System

The feedback will be recorded in the database against the name of the employee who has provided the feedback. This enables the management to assess the performance of the business overall, and the employees simultaneously. This feedback can be effectively used during performance appraisals, or employee training programs.

Satisfaction Smiley Faces

Business can decide the number or type of satisfaction smiley faces for feedback, and the type of icon used. The companies that provide the smiley faces installation have a wide range of options for the business to choose from.

  • If having a single color of standard yellow smileys are one option, having multi-colored smileys is another.
  • The smileys can be either three (satisfied/ happy, average/ neutral, dissatisfied/ unhappy);
  • Five smiley faces ranging from highly dissatisfied to highly satisfied with the colors of smileys changing from red to dark green.
  • Businesses can also opt for much detailed feedback using the Net Promoter Score.

Businesses which have opted for the satisfaction smiley faces feedback in emails. They have seen a positive increase in the response rate and detail of feedback received from the customers.

The Feedback System

This is helping the business pinpoint problem areas with minimum effort. Specifically, they are able to troubleshoot and work on making things better for customers at a faster rate. The feedback system can be connected to the staff emails. To alert the employee responsible for the job. So that they can improve their work or solve the issue for the customers.

The customers are automatically thanked for their feedback. Entire process of taking and giving feedback is completed in less than 5 seconds. Once the issue is solved, the business can thank the customer for their feedback. They can go over and take the relevant actions.

Smiley face feedback in an email or autosignature. It is just one simple idea that can help businesses get more feedback. Act on that feedback in real-time. The main benefit is the improvement in customer satisfaction and retention.