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Clean Restrooms Don’t Exist – A Real Problem

Does your business have either public or staff restrooms? Do you know right if they are clean or need attention?

Either way, if you have restrooms, you may not be aware of how subpar restrooms impact both brand image and customer retention. Fortunately, research by Harris Interactive in 2011 answers this question.

80% of all US adults regularly use public restrooms. 90% of the same group would avoid a business in the future if they encounter a dirty restroom.

How common is a dirty restroom?

Bradley Corporation reports public restrooms are apparently getting worse, not better. Clean restrooms are a rarity.

Nearly 70% of the respondents reported a recent unpleasant public restroom encounter, up from 51% four years ago.

Additionally, the problem is not just affecting public restrooms. In fact, restrooms at work also appear to be going downhill. In the same annual survey, only half of the respondents rated the facilities at their workplaces as excellent or very good. What is more, this is down compared to 66% in 2012. For this reason, if your restroom ever looks like this, your business has a problem.Restroom Issues


As a consequence, customer satisfaction, customer retention, brand image, and future profitability are badly affected.

So why is there a restroom problem?

There are four main reasons:

  1. Inspection checklists are never used properly
  2. Restroom checks are never done regularly
  3. Restroom users don’t complain to staff
  4. Business do not realize the severity of the problem

Tell Me Again Why Restroom Cleanliness Matters

The evidence is overwhelming:

  1. Lower brand perception
  2. Lower maintenance costs
  3. Decreased water consumption
  4. Better HSE exposure
  5. Increased customer retention
  6. Higher profits

Food and Wine Magazine (March 2019) puts it best:

Cleaner restrooms mean the customer will spend more at the business.

How does Opiniator help?

We answered these issues and developed a cell phone-based restroom feedback tool to solve the restroom feedback problem.

  • A digital comment card
  • For restrooms
  • Delivered as SaaS (software as a service)
  • Using the visitor’s own cell phone
  • That improves restroom standards
  • By providing on the spot, actionable and closed loop restroom feedback

How does it all work?

In the restroom, there is signage to request prompt the visitor. In addition, the signage shares how this is done through their own cell phone.

Flushcheck Signage for feedback



We have a lot more information including a short video.

Businesses with restrooms now have an effective feedback and management tool. All data is from real visitors, and in real-time. It allows swift correction action to ensure the restroom experience never impacts the customer journey.

Feedback Resources to Deliver a Return

Get ahead of customer feedback and understand how to improve operations, lower HSE risk and deliver greater customer loyalty.