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Opiniator feedback signage at outdoor cafe

On-Location Digital Comment Card.

Delivering actionable customer feedback by cell phone.

Immediate analysis, alerts and action tracking.

For brick and mortar | Outdoors.

No app | Works on all cell phones.


Closes the Feedback Loop

Track customer issues and all staff actions until they are resolved.


Protects Business from Complaints

Reduce unexpected online complaints – too late for the business to intervene.

Grows Customer Retention

Unhappy customers are contacted immediately – recovered and retained.

Improves Safety and Maintenance

Find and fix HSE or maintenance issues before they impact customers.

No more comment cards, POS / email surveys or mystery shopping.

How It Works

Asking for customer feedback with signage


Customer sees request to give feedback – via on-site poster, table talker, or postcard

Delivering customer feedback with the cell phone


Customer provides feedback – using SMS, Voice or Web via a quick survey. No app needed.

Business acting on customer feedback


Business sees feedback via a dashboard, receives immediate staff alerts and takes action 

Business audits of customer feedback


Business responds to issue, tracks all actions until completion and recovers customer

Customers talk TO the business – at the moment it matters.

Not AT the business, on social media – after it ‘s too late. 


Immediate Staff Alerts

Staff are alerted via email or SMS if the customer is unhappy or an issue needs fixing.

Smart Social Media Connect

Only happy customers are nudged to social media for a testimonial.

Multiple Survey Inputs

Customers choose feedback method from Web, QR Code, SMS, Phone Call or Email.

Net Promoter Score (NPS)

The Net Promoter Question can be used to measure loyalty

Alert Tracking

Alerts are tracked until resolution. Staff are reminded until actions are completed.

Photo Upload

Customers can upload a photo for increased detail and insight.

English and Spanish

Feedback convenience is increased by supporting English and Spanish.


An online leader-board shows the gap between best and worst in class

Customer Connect

The business can connect with the customer within seconds – still at the location.

Online Dashboard

Private dashboard updated in real-time to show location(s) performance.

Smileys / Icons

Any icon set can be used for a question eg. smileys, stars, or thumbs up

Survey Design Help

We help to design and manage the whole feedback process.

Improves Facility Performance

With Opiniator, the contractor and the FDOT manager will get an email immediately from the system when the visitor gives a low rating, or requests to be contacted. Because the feedback is in real time via the visitor’s own cellphone, any concerns, maintenance or safety issues trigger an alert to DOT staff so they can fix the issue and connect with the visitor well before the issue affects others. The Opiniator digital comment card replaced our old paper comment card system.
Kirk Hutchison

Performance Manager, Florida Dept. of Transportation

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Close the Feedback Loop

Know what your customers are thinking  and track your response.
Improve location service, safety, and maintenance.
Prevent your customers from defecting  or complaining   online.

Increase customer satisfaction, and take back control of customer feedback.